Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the graduate student half of the Assembly of the Student Government of the University of Chicago. It is made up of 17 representatives chosen by the various professional schools and graduate divisions. The number of seats on the council depends on the enrollment in the division, though every division is guaranteed one seat. Among its many purposes is the planning and funding of events that involve students from across the divisions and schools to encourage inter-divisional interaction. In past years, in addition to large on-campus events such as the annual spring barbecue, GC-sponsored events have included bowling nights, First Fridays at the MCA, a discussion panel series, ice skating on the midway, and other events paid for or subsidized by the Graduate Council with its share of the student activities fee. The GC also helps other campus organizations publicize their events to graduate students throughout the University.

In addition to this programming aspect, the Graduate Council serves as an intermediary between graduate students and the administration. As a representative body, it creates a space in which students from the several professional schools and divisions can identify areas of mutual concern and discuss possible solutions. Because of its position within Student Government, it is able to maintain a high level of dialogue with administrators. One of the important responsibilities of Council members is to assist in the appointing of graduate student members to standing committees that cover a variety of issues affecting all students. Many of these are Student Government committees, such as the Student Government Finance Committee, which oversees funding allocations to RSOs throughout the year, while others function outside SG and throughout the University.

Grad Chair:

Joshua Johnston

Law School:

Gillian Seaman
Hunter Vance


Kristen Uyemura
Zeynep Gunay
Eric Adler
Jason Forte


Andrés Pérez
Emilio Franco


Julia Tier
Jamie Hinsz
Aaron Mallory


Tom Worth
Misha Teplitskiy


Erin McAuley
Jeffrey Steimle


Anthony Martinez
Noumaan Shamsi


Ted Good


Hannah Roth
Dominic Catalano

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