Student Government

The University of Chicago


Members of the Student Government Cabinet are appointed by the President and Vice Presidents, with the approval of the College and Graduate Councils. Through a variety of roles, the Cabinet works to lead much of the work of the Student Government and advance the policy interests of the elected Executive Slate.

Yeju Hwang
Communications Director

Andrew Jiang
Finance Director

Max Freedman
Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee


Claudio Sansone
Chair of Committee on Student Employment


James Hilton
Chair of the Finance Committee

JJia Headshot.jpg

Justin Jia
Chair of the Committee on Academics in the College


Akanksha Shah
Chair of the Community Service Fund

Anthony Downer
Chair of the Committee on Student Services

Melissa Bosem
Chair of the Programming Coordinating Council


Alice Kallman
Chair of the Sexual Assault Awareness Committee


Sammie Spector
Chair of the Uncommon Fund

Jessica Law
Chief Secretary


Noel Rubio
Chair of the Committee on Campus Sustainability

Devshi Mehrotra
Chair of the Coalition of Academic Teams

Preethi Raju
Chair of the Committee on RSOs

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Sara Zubi
Chair of Sports Club Fund

Director of Technology