Members of the Student Government Cabinet are appointed by the President and Vice Presidents, with the approval of the College and Graduate Councils. Through a variety of roles, the Cabinet works to lead much of the work of the Student Government and advance the policy interests of the elected Executive Slate.

Jay Gibbs

Chair of the Coalition of Academic Teams (CAT)

Grace Peguese
Chair of the Programming Coordinating Council (PCC)


Kimika Padilla

Chair of the Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS)

Myles Hudson

Chair of the Committee on Registered Student Organizations (CORSO)

Benedict Wormsley

Chair of the Sports Club Fund (SCF)

John Van Den Anker

Chair of the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC)


Amara Balan

Chair of the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Committee (SAAP)

Sofia Barnett

The College: Comparative Human Development & Political Science