Transportation Survey Results

Some notes: the question about whether the student lives in our outside of Hyde Park was added after about 300 responses had already been submitted, so we don’t have full data on that point.

Due to some counting quirk, many of the cells that display “1″ should be displaying “0,” so some of the percentages and sums are incorrect (although if this has any substantial affect on the results, it’s likely that the data are statistically insignificant and we’d need a larger dataset to draw any serious conclusions).

On that note, the College and perhaps the Biological Sciences Division, Law School, and Booth are the only divisions with enough responses to likely merit a statistically significant sampling. However, we must keep in mind a possible selection bias in students who chose to take the survey.

Some important numbers to take note of: as of noon Thursday, about 70% of College students favor having a U-Pass, with 17% unsure and 13% opposed. The cost of a U-Pass is approximately $7.50 per week; on average, a College student rides CTA about 3 times per week ($6.75/week). The median is 2 ($4.50/week) times per week. With a hypothetical U-Pass, the average would be over 5 ($11.25/week) times per week, and the median would be 4 ($9.00/week). Some reasons for this jump include an increased willingness to explore Chicago, getting an internship outside of Hyde Park, and a greater willingness to travel to shop for things like groceries outside of Hyde Park. Both the average and median, with a U-Pass, put us over the $7.50 threshold of financial sensibility.

To be continued…


Student Government Petitions Available in One Week

The Elections and Rules Committee is pleased to announce that petitions to run for Student Government positions will be available in one week, starting on Monday, April 7th. These petitions, which involve gathering signatures from members of the student body, will be due on Wednesday, April 16th at 5:00pm and are mandatory for many positions within Student Government. While candidates will find the blank petitions available electronically online, a hard-copy completed submission is required. Further information, including the required number of signatures, submission details, and campaigning information can be found directly on the petition forms themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact the Elections and Rules Committee directly with any questions you may have.

Graduate Council Travel Fund has launched!

Dear Grad Students,

The Graduate Council Travel fund has launched! The fund aims to subsidize cost of transportation and conference registration fees for students who are specifically attending a conference to give a presentation on their novel primary research. You can find more info and the link to the application under the Funding tab.

We look forward to receiving your funding requests!

College Council Office Hours

Here’s a reminder to check out College Council’s Office Hours! Come meet your representatives to learn about SG, to bring up specific concerns, or to just shoot the breeze. This is the schedule for Winter Quarter.

We’re hiring: SG secretary

[UPDATE] The position has been filled. Thanks to all who applied!


  • Required: you must be a student at the University of Chicago
  • $10/hr, paid through the UChicago payroll
  • Time commitment of about 4-8 hours per week, should be available every other Monday at 6pm, some Tuesdays at 5pm, every Wednesday at 7pm, and some Thursdays at 5:30pm. If not all of these times work, just note that in your email.
  • Note-taking for meetings, notes must be neat and organized and are made public at
  • Ordering food for meetings
  • Setting up and cleaning up
  • Occasionally updating the SG website and various small tasks

Please email Tyler Kissinger, Community and Government Liaison, at if you are interested! We are hoping to fill this position before first week of winter quarter (1/6/14).

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