Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS)

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The Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS) is a standing committee of Student Government that is focused on furthering three main goals:

  • Advocacy: advocate for sustainability on campus, and elevate other community members who are already working on pro-environmental initiatives

  • Awareness: work with other stakeholders to engage the student body, faculty, and community members and create an ongoing dialogue about campus sustainability

  • Action: reduce the environmental impacts of campus life through projects which produce tangible results

In 2017-2018, the committee launched a Sustainability Czar Program in Housing, held a clean-up of Hyde Park on Earth Day, and screened the documentary 'Chasing Coral.'

Here is the Committee's 2017-2018 report.

In 2018-2019, the committee expanded the Sustainability Czar Program to include 21 residential Houses comprising over 1500 students. The CCS was also restructured from an ad-hoc to a standing committee through a vote by the Student Government Assembly. Read about it here in the Chicago Maroon!

Contact Information


Kimika Padilla, Chair:

Eugene Han, Vice Chair:


Liam Torpy, Class of 2019

Hannah Morin, Class of 2020

Ryan Cutter, Class of 2021

Zebeeb Nuguse, Class of 2022

Mercer Winer, Class of 2022

Walker Gillett, Class of 2022

Miranda Zhang, Class of 2022