Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS)

The Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS) is an ad hoc committee of Student Government that is focused on furthering three main goals:

  • Advocacy: advocate for sustainability on campus, and elevate other community members who are already working on sustainable initiatives

  • Awareness: work with other sustainability stakeholders to engage the student body, faculty, and community members and create an ongoing dialogue

  • Action: Produce tangible results in order to reduce the environmental impacts of campus life

In 2017- 2018, the committee launched a Sustainability Czar Program in Housing, held a clean-up of Hyde Park on Earth Day, and screened the documentary 'Chasing Coral.'

Here is the Committee's 2017-2018 report.

Contact list:

Kimika Padilla (Chair):

Eugene Han (Vice-Chair):

Alex Levi (Communications Chair):

Liam Torpy (College Council Representative/ Sustainability Partners Chair):

Jayee Malwankar (Sustainability Partners Chair):