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The University of Chicago

Committee on Recognized Student Organizations


CORSO is responsible for reviewing applications from groups attempting to become an RSO. The committee consists of voting members from Student Government and RSO leaders, is chaired by SG’s Vice President for Student Affairs, and is advised by the Student Activities Resource Advisor from ORCSA.


Over the years, the CORSO has seen changes varying in membership (sometimes with faculty and administration voting on whether to approve new RSOs). Before 1977, CORSO received funding for RSO events from the administration, but, in 1977, with faculty and administrator voting membership on CORSO being eliminated, SG started the current Student Activities Fee to fund organizations such as the Major Activities Board and Council on University Programming. In 2016, CORSO created the Student Leadership Recognition and Access (SLRA) Program.

If you want to apply for RSO status, check out ORCSA's website:

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