Committee on Recognized Student Organizations


CORSO is the Student Government committee that assesses the resource needs of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in the University and facilitates communication between RSOs and the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI). It consists of undergraduate and graduate students who have strong leadership skills, extensive experience in RSOs and passion for improving the experience of students and RSOs. It is advised by CLI and overseen by the Vice President for Student Affairs of the Student Government. 

Each year, CORSO is responsible for reviewing applications from groups attempting to become RSOs. Before the application deadline, typically set at the end of each Fall quarter, CORSO also hosts information sessions and office hours for students who wish to learn more about the application process. The committee then meets at the beginning of Winter quarter to go through the applications. After that, it submits its recommendations on the approval or rejection of RSO status to CLI. Learn more about the application process at 

In Spring quarter, CORSO reviews anonymously undergraduate applications for the Student Leadership Recognition and Access (SLRA) Program. Through awarding grants ranging from $100 to $500 to outstanding undergraduate leaders, the program seeks to enable dedicated leaders on campus to continue growing the amount of impactful work they do on campus. 

Also in Spring quarter, CORSO is responsible for distributing the annual RSO awards, which include Best Event Award, Environmental Responsibility Award and Unsung RSO Award.  


Founded in the early twentieth century, CORSO is the longest operating committee to exist as a part of Student Government. In its early days, CORSO was composed of faculty members and members of the administration. Over the years, CORSO has seen massive changes in its membership, with its current members being exclusively students. 


Before 1977, CORSO received funding for RSO events from the administration. However, in 1977, faculty and administrator voting membership on CORSO was eliminated and Student Government started the current Student Activities Fee to fund organizations such as the Major Activities Board and Council on University Programming. 


In 2016, CORSO created the Student Leadership Recognition and Access (SLRA) Program.

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