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The Committee on Student Employment (CSE) is tasked with monitoring and investigating issues related to student employment at the University of Chicago. As it is in its first year of operation, the CSE is looking to set the groundwork for further work, and is chiefly focussed on the following projects:

  • Creating and maintaining a Student Employment KnowledgeBase for student-to-student support on matters related to employment. This includes information geared to first years and to student who must work as part of their financial aid package, and an updated website with links to relevant materials.

  • Running a support and employment-related grievance service through our office hours, online email forms, and by directing students to other relevant authorities.

  • Providing clear, student-to-student information on the current campus unionization efforts.

  • Performing a survey of the climate of campus employment and reporting on the results yearly, and through a number of issue-oriented preliminary reports.



Chair: Claudio Sansone
Committee Members: Elijah Wolter, Jahne Brown, Eleanor Khirallah, Gabrielle Friedman, Emily Tcheng, Richard Omoniyi-Shoyoola


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