Compete to help the Illinois Green Alliance

Teams of four or five students will enter a consulting-style case competition. Office hours, feedback, and client resources will be offered to all teams, so no prior experience necessary! The winning team will receive a networking dinner with our corporate partner!

All-undergraduate or all-graduate student teams may register. Please see below for the full timeline and further details. Click here to view a one-page flyer with everything you need to know.

Hosted by: Gargoyle Consulting Club, Committee on Campus Sustainability, and Phoenix Farms

Client: Illinois Green Alliance

Client: Illinois Green Alliance

Sponsored By: McKinsey & Company

Sponsored By: McKinsey & Company

ApriL 16, 4 PM

Kent 107

Case Prompt Release: The challenge question will be released, and you will be able to find other students to team up with and ask us questions about the process.

You do NOT need to have a team formed yet! Team and individual registration deadline will be a week later.

Registration Closes: Be sure to register before 6 PM! You will be able to register as a team of 4 or 5 students (recommended), or as an individual. If you register as an individual, you will be matched to a team. Registration will go live via GCC’s website (click here) after the case prompt release.

Each team member/individual will need to pay a $10 registration fee which will go toward supporting GCC’s events on campus.

April 20, 6 PM


May 3, 2 PM

Regenstein 305

Walk-in Office Hours: Any registered team can stop by office hours to workshop their ideas and receive feedback from students with prior consulting experience.

Teams do NOT need prior experience. This will be an inclusive and valuable learning experience, we promise!

May 6

Time and location TBA

First Round Presentation (All Teams): Registered teams will present their research and recommendations to a panel of Chicago Booth judges who will provide feedback and select finalist teams.

May 17

Time and location TBA

Final Round Presentation (Finalist Teams): Finalist teams will have a week to incorporate feedback and refine their recommendations. Then, finalist teams will present to a panel of McKinsey consultants and the Executive Director of the Illinois Green Alliance who will select the winning team.