Student Leadership Recognition and Access Program

The Student Leadership Recognition and Access Program (SLRA) seeks to enable dedicated undergraduate and graduate leaders on campus to keep doing, and grow the amount of impactful work they do on campus. Any student is encouraged to apply, but SLRA was particularly designed with the students in mind who struggle to balance volunteer work with maintaining a part-time job. We hope these awards will keep encouraging the incredible work students are already doing at UChicago through their organizations, as well as recognize these students for their contributions.

10 undergraduate students will be selected to receive $250.
10 graduate students will be selected to receive $350. 

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Undergraduate Application
Graduate Application



CTA U-Pass

In Spring 2014, we included a survey in an all-student email to learn about students' thoughts about the CTA U-Pass program, and their current and possible future use of public transportation with a U-Pass. The results of the survey, although while likely enjoying a selection bias, were very favorable; for this reason, it is our plan to work on gathering more data and likely building a case for the College to begin offering a U-Pass during the 2015-2016 school year.

Café Careers

This is a SG initiative aimed at connecting undergraduates with graduate students from across the university (Booth, Law School, Pritzker, the Divinity school etc.) Cafe Careers involves coffee meet ups to foster communication and interaction between the undergraduate and graduate student community. The first meeting is funded in order to kick off the process and initiate conversation. This project is intended to provide the opportunity for undergraduates to foster relationships with graduate students, obtain careers advice and mentoring.