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Elections & Rules Committee

Please contact the Elections & Rules Committee Chairman, Max Freedman, at with any questions.

Election By-Laws, Code, and Candidates Packet:

The Election By-Laws, and Election Code provide guidelines for candidates and the Election and Rules Committee. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the Candidates Packet, which contains the House Rules as well as the Code and By-Laws, and helpful information. In choosing to run, candidates agree to follow the rules and interpretations enumerated in the Candidates Packet. Note the information in the Candidates Packet has been updated by E&R. Please review the linked documents as they have changed from last year. 


E&R has established a timeline for the forthcoming 2018 Spring Quarter General Elections. It will be announced publicly early in Spring Quarter. 

    The following positions will be filled in the in the 2017 Autumn and 2018 Spring General Elections:

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    Executive Slate
    The Executive Slate is made up of the President, the Vice President for Administration, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. They are elected together each year in the spring, and are collectively responsible for the administration of Student Government. They represent graduate and undergraduate concerns to the University administration, oversee organizational projects and initiatives, and are responsible for the management of the SG budget.

    Liaisons to the Board of Trustees
    The Undergraduate and Graduate Liaisons to the Board of Trustees represent their respective constituency to the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for keeping students informed about the actions of the Board of Trustees.

    Community and Government Liaison
    The Community and Government Liaison represents the Student Association to members of the community, and work to get students more involved in Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and the South Side in general. The Liaison serves as an ex-officio member on the Community Service Fund, and serves as SG's representative to the University Community Service Center.

    College Council and Graduate Council Representatives
    The College Council and Graduate Council Representatives represent their respective class year or school or division to the above bodies and voice concerns on behalf of their constituents.

    At this time, Graduate Council Representatives are elected by their divisions in separate elections processes from the Spring General Elections. At this time, Booth, BSD, Divinity, Graham, Harris, Humanities, IME, Pritzker, PSD, SSA, and SSD have chosen to operate their own elections for Graduate Council Representatives through their divisional student governments, their dean's councils, or their area dean of students. Students in those divisions will receive notification by their local election authority at least two weeks prior to when their Graduate Council Elections will occur. E&R will conduct the Law School's elections in the Autumn Quarter.

    More information about each of these positions may be found in the SG governing documents.

    Past Elections and Referenda:

    Results and hearings from past elections can be found here