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On October, 18, College Council elected Peggy Xu, a representative from the Class of 2017 to be their Chair. As a result, the seat is vacant, and will be filled according to procedures that will be listed on this website soon.

If you have any questions please contact Max Freedman, SG Parliamentarian (

Class of 2020 College Council Elections


Veronica Myers: 224

Jahne Brown: 206

Kosi Achife: 173

Sat Gupta: 154

Andres Leland: 131

Eddy Chang: 124

Teddy Knox: 109

Adam Berger: 107

Jersey Fonseca: 104

Antonia Stefanescu: 103

Anitej Ramesh: 92

Zarek Drozda: 89

Jay Gibbs: 85

Hunter Brookman: 73

JP Neenan: 70

Mike Wiley: 65

Andy Hatem: 53

Grant Morrison: 28

Candidate Statements:

Kosi Achife

My name is Kosi Achife, and I’m running with the #KJVA slate for College Council! As UChicago gains recognition, the university needs to be held accountable for the inclusion it touts. My focus is to improve current services on campus in order to provide greater care for students with disabilities and mental illness, sexual assault victims, and students of low income. Student Disabilities Services is under-staffed, therefore I will push for more funding to go towards strengthening SDS. Also, the university must reform its current policy on forced leave of absence for students with mental illness so that their wellness isn’t shoved aside by administration. I will advocate for mandatory punishment for perpetrators found responsible of sexual assault that includes sexual misconduct training. Finally, for low income students, dining hall hours need to be extended on Saturdays so that no student has to worry where they’ll get their next meal. 

Adam Berger

    UChicago already feels like home. This class feels like family. You, my new friends, are unbelievably caring, thoughtful, and talented. You’re artists and essayists, thinkers and learners. You’re creators, people who bring value into the world.

I am a communicator. As a leader in my high school and in my job as a waiter, I’ve learned to use that trait to solve problems. Now, I want to advocate for you. I will listen to you and be your voice. You have something to say; let me shout it out for you. Let’s be a force for good.

    My platform’s focus is transparency, reasonability, and open communication. This includes demanding: a clear outline of how the University spends its endowment’s ROI, an expansion of the use of maroon dollars (laundry!), and healthy dialogue about – not rejection of - the role of Greek life on campus. 

Hunter Brookman

    I am Hunter Brookman, and I am running to be your College Council Class of 2020 representative. The past few weeks have provided me with invaluable insight as to how the student body interacts with each other and with the university. I believe that the dynamic between our Student Government and its constituents holds much more potential 

    I hope to unify our student body on the notion that our academic successes are unattainable without our overall wellbeing.

    Such issues as campus safety, sexual assault prevention and response, and mental health are of the utmost importance, and will be at the forefront of my work on Student Government. 

    I will aim to fundamentally reestablish the dynamic between the University of Chicago’s Student Government and the student body. Together we can create a vision for our future and work tirelessly toward achieving it, making us a more cohesive, united university moving forward.

Jahne Brown

Hello Class of 2020, I’m Jahne Brown. 

I am extremely passionate about activism and the inherent right of all students to attend a school that is both inclusive and challenging. In high school as president of the Black Student Union, I was an activist who organized around protecting marginalized groups.

 As a student government representative, I will build on this experience with a platform centered on transparency. Specifically, I am advocating for administration office hours, a State of the Union like address, a quarterly forum with the provost and president, and several more Climate Surveys with higher student turnout. 

Eddy Chang

Hey Class of 2020,

My name is Edward Chang, and I'm running to be your class representative.

In my decade at the International School of Beijing, I lost my circle of close friends about every four years because they would move on to a different country for their parents' jobs. These moments of loss have helped clarify what matters most to me, and my ambitions for our school: creating a central home for everyone.

Having served as an executive for my high school’s Student Government, I hope that you'll be able to put faith in my abilities to effectuate chang(e).

To that extent, my goals are to increase academic power for incoming students, to create greater athlete support, and to help smooth out the University’s relationship with the Hyde Park community.

And last, but not least-- open up dialogues with me. 

Find out more about my platform at

Zarek Drozda

Hi Class of 2020! I'm Zarek and I'm running for College Council.

As a first year in the first quarter, I won’t pretend to know everything about how the university works. Yet if elected, I will work hard to learn how the school works and implement concrete solutions to student concerns.

My “platform” is just a list of proposals - initiatives that in an ideal world I would like to see happen, but also goals I will continue to work towards. My primary focus will always be on representing the Class of 2020 as opposed to advocating for my own ideas. Standing up for students, finding common ground, and implementing concrete solutions will always come first.

Quick-list of proposals:

Better shuttle routes, fitness facility for South/BJ, printers for Max, make the campus greener, further support for sexual assault programs, and repair admin relationship.

Facebook Page:

Jersey Fonseca

Jay Gibbs

I’ve never really been a fan of maybe. As a word,  it signifies the possibility of something not happening,  or an action not being done. It means that contingencies must be crafted and plans discarded.  It breeds feelings of discomfort in the mind. That’s why I’m running on things I can feasibly accomplish and set my eyes toward. I want to create a council not of homogenous representation, but of diverse thought. I come from a family that struggles to commit and handle the outcomes of maybe. We are at a school with infinite possibilities. I want to help our class achieve the ones that are both positive and likely to happen. I won’t make loose claims. I’ll only identify systemic problems and articulate logical and practical solutions.

Sat Gupta

UChicago Class of 2020—I’m running to be your College Council Representative! While UChicago is pretty amazing so far, there are some areas where the University can improve. It should provide free tampons and sanitation pads in all bathrooms. After all, if our college houses can come together to provide free condoms to residents, then the University can provide free menstrual health items. Period. The University should also improve its wifi—internet access is a necessity for all classes and RSOs, but the uchicago-secure network seems to have a problem almost every time I connect to it. Finally, because of recent scandals, Greek Life organizations have been put on probation. Organizations aren’t affected equally by these restrictions, and there needs to be a dialogue on how organizations can be held accountable while still keeping fun alive. Also, put air conditioning in Rockefeller Chapel and Mandel Hall. Plz.

Andy Hatem

I'm Andy Hatem, and I want to Make UChicago Great Again. This means two things above all: it means making UChicago more affordable, and it means fighting sexual assault on our campus.

I want to expand financial aid, limit tuition increases, raise work-study wages, and eliminate the summer work expectation. Nobody assumes a student can work 25 hours a day - except our aid office. This must change. Let's Make UChicago Affordable Again.

RSVP (Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention) is underfunded, and has one staffer serving over 5,000 students. I won't rest until RSVP funding is doubled and assaults in fraternities are investigated by the university. Whatever the result of this election, I intend to push this issue - and encourage others to do the same. Let's Make UChicago Safe Again.

These aren't the only issues, but they're the biggest ones. To see the rest of my platform, visit

Teddy Knox

I’m committed to realistic goals that can concretely improve the lives of all UChicago students. Most importantly, that means making college life more financially accessible by opening the dining halls on Saturday nights, and including laundry and printing credits with the Student Life Fee. Students that are already paying to attend this school should not have to pay out of pocket or step out of convenience to cover such necessary living expenses. I also support better Internet communications on campus, which primarily means dedicating funds to fixing the uchicago-secure wireless network, and also includes implementing an easily accessible online calendar that any RSO can edit, which will allow students to conveniently explore all of their options for events in one place. You can check out my detailed platform at, and add the snapchat @tknox2020 for entertaining updates on the campaign trail!

Andres Leland

My name is Andres Cruz Leland and I'm running with #KJVA for College Council! Growing up as a Latino and Kansan, the strongest value ingrained within me was care for my community. The phrase “Mi casa es tu casa” taught me the importance of connecting with others and fostering open communities. I hope to use this lesson on campus. Thus, I will focus on making our campus a gateway to the community by promoting better student-employee relations through employee feedback surveys and employee-student meals. Furthermore, I hope to engage with neighborhood-businesses by expanding the Maroon Dollar’s usage. I will also support working with student activist groups and groups focused on creating better non-binary/transgender housing policies to achieve results and ensure a more inclusive community. If you all have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop me when you see me or send me a message on Facebook!

Grant Morrison

Veronica Myers

My name is Veronica Myers and I am a part of the #KJVA slate running for Class Council. As a bisexual female, I know firsthand what it's like to not see yourself represented in positions of power, so it is imperative for me to make sure all voices are equally represented. I hail from Southern California, a place that directly suffers from the consequences of climate change, which pushed me to focus my platform on sustainability. The university needs to be held to higher standards of energy efficiency and responsible consumption through investment in both local businesses and sustainable resources. If elected, I will work to reduce both food and water waste, reallocate funds towards implementing renewable energy sources, work in partnership with the 61st St Farmers Market to support local farmers, and expand the scope of maroon dollars to small businesses in Hyde Park, Washington Park, Kenwood, and Woodlawn.

JP Neenan

Hi my name is JP Neenan and I am running for College Council. Although I have only been here a few weeks, it feels like much longer. In this short time I’ve gotten to know this University and the Class of 2020 pretty well. But many of you still don’t know a lot about me and I’d like to change that. I am passionate about service and nothing would be more inspiring or fulfilling than to be allowed to serve such a diverse, intellectual and impassioned community to the best of my ability. I want to bring my passion, work ethic and leadership skills to the College Council to get you, the Class of 2020, what you want out of your university. My campaign will focus on three areas: Mental Health, Budget/Costs, and School Pride. Check out my Facebook page (JPNEENAN4UChicago) for a full platform.

Anitej Ramesh

After three weeks on campus, I already love UChicago and feel the need to serve my fellow students. The best way for passionate people like me to serve is through Student Government. Unfortunately, in past years SG has been a disgrace to this student body and campus.  Instead of effecting real change for the students of this esteemed university, it has prioritized the needs of its own governing body over the needs of its constituency. I’m running to change the narrative.

I am dedicated to increasing transparency, eliminating the scourge of resume inflation in SG, and reversing climate change, a task that my opponents have failed to champion. My other economically feasible proposals include building a new L Line through campus, placing curtains on Mansueto, and hosting Bar Night every night.

Elect me and I will fight the indisputable corruption in our governing body and set the record straight.

Antonia Stefanescu

A vote for Antonia is a vote for yourself! I don’t plan on putting my policies first and I certainly don’t plan on promising you things I can’t achieve. What I do promise is to value your voice more than my own, since I’m representing you. I also promise to make small but effective improvements, like I did in changing the Bartlett breakfast time to end at 10:30 instead of 9:30. If you want this type of representation, vote Antonia. Together we can make UChicago a comfortable home for the next four years!

Mike Wiley

As your College Council representative, I will work to pass a budget that emphasizes undergraduate needs, and I will utilize the (limited) powers of Student Government in order to foster a safe, social environment. That means getting our Uncommon Fund (which incentivizes creative student initiatives around campus) back up to $50,000 a year. And in a time when 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses, funding for Sexual Assault Awareness has only gone up 20%. Oppositely, funding for Graduate Council Travel Fund (money not available to undergrads) has gone up 254%. I believe that this is a moral issue. But perhaps my greatest goal for this election is to get to know my classmates more personally, so that I can adopt an agenda that truly reflects the interests of everybody I’ll represent.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Elections Timeline

  • Thursday, September 29th: Petitions for those seeking to run became available on this page at 10:00 am.
  • Thursday, October 6th: Petitions were due in the CLI Office of the Reynolds basement (Suite 016) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • Friday, October 7th: Candidates attended a Mandatory Candidates Meeting at 5:00 pm in the South Lounge of Reynolds. Candidates with legitimate reasons for absence must have contacted the Parliamentarian in advance and scheduled an alternate time. 
  • October 10-14: Candidates table in Reynolds Club for an hour each. 
  • Sunday, October 9th: Candidate statements will be posted on this site at 3:00 pm.
  • Wednesday, October 12th: Voting will open on Blueprint. Polls open at 10:00 am and a link to vote will be emailed to the voting class at that time. 
  • Friday, October 14th: Voting closes at 4:30 pm.
  • Friday, October 14th: The winning candidates will be announced in the South Lounge of Reynolds at 5:00 pm.

Election Bylaws, Code, and Candidates Packet

The Election By-Laws, and Election Code provide guidelines for candidates and the Election and Rules Committee. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the Candidates Packet, which contains the House Rules as well as the Code and By-Laws, and which they all have signed. Note that Elections and Rules has updated the Election Code and By-Laws with the approval of the General Assembly. Please review the linked documents as they have changed from last year. 

Election Code and Procedural Updates:

In order to comply with the Assembly By-Laws requirement that assembly members be elected; E&R wrote and the General Assembly approved an amendment to the Election Code enabling the direct election of Graduate Council representatives. The new Election Code is available here.

Further, the Assembly approved a change to the By-Laws allowing certain graduate divisions which may require alternate processes for their elections to enumerate those processes in a Divisional Election Code. The Divisional Election Code must be accepted by a 2/3 vote by Graduate Council and deemed compliant with Article II §12(f) of the Assembly By-Laws by E&R by the start of Spring Quarter. Essentially, graduate divisions must now either produce valid election processes, or they will follow the regular E&R procedures. The new By-Law enabling this opt-out process is available here.

The following positions will be filled in the 2017 Spring General Election:

  • Executive Slate: The Executive Slate is made up of the President, the Vice President for Administration, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. They are elected together each year in the spring, and are collectively responsible for the administration of Student Government. They represent graduate and undergraduate concerns to the University administration, oversee organizational projects and initiatives, and are responsible for the management of the SG budget.

  • Liaisons to the Board of Trustees: The Undergraduate and Graduate Liaisons to the Board of Trustees represent their respective constituency to the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for keeping students informed about the actions of the Board of Trustees. 

  • Community and Government Liaison: The Community and Government Liaison represents the Student Association to members of the community, and work to get students more involved in Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and the South Side in general. The Liaison serves as an ex-officio member on the Community Service Fund, and serves as SG's representative to the University Community Service Center. 

  • College Council and Graduate Council Representatives: The College Council and Graduate Council Representatives represent their respective class year or school or division to the above bodies and voice concerns on behalf of their constituents. At this time, Graduate Council Representatives are elected by their divisions in a separate elections process from the Spring General Elections. 

More information about each of these positions may be found in the SG governing documents.

Past Elections

Information about the Spring 2016 Elections can be found here