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Elections & Rules Committee

Please contact the Elections & Rules Committee Chairman, Max Freedman, at with any questions.


Executive Slate:

Unite (President: Sat Gupta - College,  VP for Administration: Natalie Jusko - College, VP for Student Affairs: Malay Trivedi - College)

We’re Unite and we’re super excited to be running for Student Government (SG) Executive Slate! We’re focused on bringing the student body together around common sense policies, while opening up a dialogue with fellow students in order to improve their trust in SG. We combine experience on SG with an understanding of what needs to change. Here are some of the areas we hope to reform:

Mental Health: A number of tragedies this year have brought to light how vital it is to have adequate mental health resources available to students. The issue is not just that Student Counseling Services (SCS) is underfunded and understaffed, but that students are often unaware of the services offered or just too busy to use them. We aim to make SCS easier to connect with by increasing support for programs like “Let’s Talk,” which provide a centralized location and a less formal atmosphere for counseling. We also want to improve and expand upon the mental health programming organized by this year's slate.

Transparency: Too often, the administration makes big decisions without communicating with students. Most glaringly, even though the administration has been promoting UChicago as a bastion of free speech for years, President Zimmer only held his first student town hall about the issue this month. Our Slate wants to increase the number of public interactions that high-level administrators have with students, and initiate long-overdue dialogue.

Sexual Misconduct: Our slate plans to combat sexual misconduct by increasing access to administrators for groups like Phoenix Survivors’ Alliance and UChicago Panhellenic Council, while continuing and expanding Sexual Assault Awareness month programming. We also hope to shed light on how queer and gender-nonconforming students often face higher rates of sexual misconduct and verbal harassment.

Graduate Student Funding: With GSEOs being recognized this year as groups that can apply to Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC), there has been a lot of confusion about available and appropriate funding sources for Graduate Students. We seek to streamline the process and help Graduate Council publicize funding deadlines and specifications.

We also aim to address a host of other issues on campus, like the lack of permanent space for RSOs and cultural organizations and the often tense relationship between the University and South Side community members. Follow our campaign page for more at Let’s Unite to build an SG that listens, learns, and leads.


Moose Party (President: Alex Cantave - College, VP for Administration: Jarrod Dominguez - College, VP for Student Affairs: Jakob Feinstein - College)


Student government is inherently dysfunctional. Our approach is to take the student out of student government, leaving ourselves with a dictatorship. Following a long history of anti-establishment positions in student government, the Moose Party has returned for its 24 campaign. We thought the student body no longer valued our positions, however after a one year hiatus and extensive research of last year’s election, we are back by popular demand. We will be approaching the executive slate position with a 19.6 prong battle plan. They are as follows:

1. Healthcare:

a. Replace the Business Economics major with The Blue Chips Economics major

b. Replace Snell Hitchcock with the Business economics major

c. Trade Eric M Heath for Marlon Lynch. Trade Marlon Lynch for Marshawn Lynch. Run Marshawn Lynch on 3rd and goal at the 1.

i. Promote Eric M. Heath to Director of Homeland Security

d. We will be petitioning the university to keep the student body safer by providing dental dams and condoms in the stacks of the Regenstein library. In addition, lotion will be provided in all Bartlett bathrooms.

e. Replace Obamacare with USHIP

f. Promote economic growth by working with Polsky and Logan to installing cameras in the stacks coupled with Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it on, on loop.

g. We will establish a Jim Bean’s list for those with exceptional alcoholEdu scores.

h. Every time an individual goes to use a “Blue Light” a tour guide will appear and remind the individual that no one has ever used a blue light.

2. Student Well Being

a. In addition to maintaining and improving our dean on call system, we would like to add a Dean on Ball. This dean would be on call in the case that your balling partners couldn’t make it, and you needed an extra man or woman.

b. Full “Baseball Caps” will be banned on campus. Studies show that visors give our heads slightly more breathing room, and allow for more osmosis of free thought.

3. News

a. Establish a student newspaper.

b. Establish a fund to build state of the art sorority houses in the middle of the quad.

4. Naming issues.

a. Ida Noyes will be renamed to IdaBringTheNoise

i. Converted into a five story nightclub

ii. Will include many amenities such as night swimming in the basement pool and

maroon dollars will be accepted.

b. The Booth school of Business will be renamed the Boof school of Business.

Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

Chris Stamper (Biological Sciences Division)

            am a fourth-year graduate student in the Biological Sciences Division pursuing a PhD in Immunology. Since matriculating I have been engaged in trying to improve the student experience at the departmental, divisional, and university wide levels. I have been the Immunology student recruitment organizer and one of the Immunology representatives to the BSD Dean’s Council for three years, and the BSD’s representative to Graduate Council for two years. I have served on a variety of Student Government and Graduate Council Committees; including the SG Committees on Campus Sustainability, Community Service Fund, and Constitutional Review as well as the GC Social and Finance Committees. I am currently the Vice President of Finance for Graduate Council, the member of the executive team responsible for overseeing GC’s funding committees. Critically, these roles allow me to understand the challenges faced in schools and divisions outside of my own.

            After joining the university in 2014 it was clear to me that the student experience could be improved. As a senior graduate student who lives in Hyde Park year-round I am intimately familiar with many of the problems faced by students, and have been working to improve them through a variety of avenues. My experiences in the last several years, as a student and with student government, are why I will be able to act as a more effective liaison of student concerns to the Board of Trustees than the more junior graduate and professional students who have held the position in recent times.

Kavia Khosla (Pritzker)

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

Kyle Shishkin

Pule Nkopane

Brittney Dorton

Community and Government Liaison:

Marlin Figgins

College Council Class of 2019:

Brett Barbin

Hi, I’m Brett and I’m running to be your representative on College Council. For the past year, I’ve served as Chair of the Community Service Fund, which helps make many of our campus’s community service projects financially possible. I’ve seen how student government operates from the inside, and I believe I’ve gained insight into how to address many of its issues. We need a student government that is more transparent, accessible, and accountable. As Chair of CSF, I worked with community service RSO leaders before their presentations to improve their proposals and afterwards to ensure our committee’s decisions enabled impactful change.

For the upcoming year, your student government has been entrusted with a budget of $1.8 million. I would consider it my responsibility to handle these funds with the greatest care and keep them in line with the interests of the student body. To learn more, visit my campaign homepage


Ayling Dominguez

Hi! I’m Ayling and I’m running to be one of your representatives on College Council. Here’s a bit more about me and why I want to represent our year while writing a BA and throughout my Senior Spring: As a Bronx-bred New Yorker, I am never lacking in passion and determination. As a first-generation college student, woman of color, and daughter of immigrants, however, this college campus took some getting used to. In my final year, I want to be able to have more of a voice in trying to help the organizations and communities that have shaped me throughout my time here. You can count on me to responsibly represent the interests of the student body, with a special attention to the ways in which Student Government decisions and initiatives will affect student life for all.

You can find me in the CI+I, Reg, or any student cafe; feel free to reach out with any questions, thoughts, or concerns. I hope to hear from you

College Council Class of 2020:

Jahne Brown

Matthew Robinson - (Abroad Fall, Proxy: Jaida Nabayan)

Rachel Abrams

College Council Class of 2021:

Raven Rainey

Alex Levi

Matthew Pinna

Brian Johnson

Myles Hudson

Tony Ma

Graduate Council - Division of the Humanities:

No candidate filed to run, thus write-in candidates will be elected. 


Check back regularly for notice about forthcoming E&R meetings. 


Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Election By-Laws, Code, and Candidates Packet:

The Election By-Laws, and Election Code provide guidelines for candidates and the Election and Rules Committee. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the Candidates Packet, which contains the House Rules as well as the Code and By-Laws, and helpful information. In choosing to run, candidates agree to follow the rules and interpretations enumerated in the Candidates Packet. Note the information in the Candidates Packet has been updated by E&R. Please review the linked documents as they have changed from last year. 

Timeline of the Spring 2018 Elections:

  • Thursday, March 29th: Forthcoming petition availability announced via university-wide email.
  • Thursday, April 5th: Petitions available at at 9:00 am CDT.
  • Wednesday, April 11th: Petitions due 9:00 – 5:00 pm CDT in Reynolds 016. Neither early nor late petitions will be accepted except for digitally submitted Graduate Council petitions.
  • Friday, April 13th: Mandatory Candidates Meeting from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm CDT in the South Lounge of Reynolds Club. The South Lounge is on the second floor across from Hallowed Grounds. Candidates unable to make this meeting must make alternate arrangements with the Chair prior to petition submission.
  • Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 20th: Candidates table in Reynolds.
  • Monday, April 23rd: Slates and Liaison candidates debate in Graduate Council.
  • Wednesday, April 25th: Slates and Liaison candidates debate in front of a university wide audience at 6:30 PM CDT in Kent 107.
  • Friday, April 27th: Candidate solicitation period on the Quad in front of Swift Hall. The solicitation period opens at 12:30 pm.
  • Monday, April 30th: Voting opens at 10:00 am CDT on Blueprint. Ballot links will be emailed to the Student Association.
  • Wednesday, May 2nd: Voting closes at 4:30 pm CDT on Blueprint.
  • Wednesday, May 2nd: E&R will convene at 4:30 pm in Reynolds 016 in order to tabulate votes. A cake cutting and press conference will follow. 

The following positions will be filled in the in the 2018 Spring General Elections:

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Executive Slate:
The Executive Slate is made up of the President, the Vice President for Administration, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. They are elected together each year in the spring, and are collectively responsible for the administration of Student Government. They represent graduate and undergraduate concerns to the University administration, oversee organizational projects and initiatives, and are responsible for the management of the SG budget.

Liaisons to the Board of Trustees:
The Undergraduate and Graduate Liaisons to the Board of Trustees represent their respective constituency to the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for keeping students informed about the actions of the Board of Trustees.

Community and Government Liaison:
The Community and Government Liaison represents the Student Association to members of the community, and work to get students more involved in Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and the South Side in general. The Liaison serves as an ex-officio member on the Community Service Fund, and serves as SG's representative to the University Community Service Center.

College Council and Graduate Council Representatives:
The College Council and Graduate Council Representatives represent their respective class year or school or division to the above bodies and voice concerns on behalf of their constituents.

At this time, Graduate Council Representatives are elected by their divisions in separate elections processes from the Spring General Elections. At this time, BoothBSDDivinityGrahamHarris, IMEPritzkerPSDSSA, and SSD have chosen to operate their own elections for Graduate Council Representatives through their divisional student governments, their dean's councils, or their area dean of students. Students in those divisions will receive notification by their local election authority at least two weeks prior to when their Graduate Council Elections will occur. E&R; will conduct the Law School's elections in the Autumn Quarter.

Additionally, E&R will conduct Graduate Council Elections for Representatives from the Humanities Division in the Spring and Autumn pursuant to the standard rules with modifications as noted in the Humanities Election Code. A fact sheet about Humanities' special election protocol can be found here.

More information about these positions can be found in the Governing Documents

Past Elections and Referenda:

Results and hearings from past elections can be found here