Autumn 2019 Elections


Congrats to Class of 2023 representatives Tyler Okeke, Yara Oliveira, Bianca Simons, and Summer Long! Full election results can be found here.

Autumn 2019 Election Timeline

  • Orientation Week: Email announcing petitions and election timeline is sent out, with petitions attached.

  • Friday, October 4: Petitions due between 9AM and 5PM in Reynolds 016 (Week 1).

  • Friday, October 4: Rules Meeting (Week 1).

  • Monday, October 7: Reynolds and Cobb Tabling (Week 2).

  • Wednesday, October 9: Voting opens at 10:00 am CDT on Blueprint (Week 2).

  • Friday, October 11: Voting closes at 4:30 pm CDT on Blueprint (Week 2). E&R will convene at 4:30 pm in Reynolds 016 in order to tabulate votes. A cake cutting and press conference will follow.

Class of 2023 Candidate Statements

Bianca Simons

My name is Bianca Simons and I am running to represent the class of 2023 on College Council with running mate, Lena Diasti!

Prior to coming to the University, I served as a leader to many student organizations that focused on fostering better learning environments and impacting social change. From meeting Lena at Chicago Bound, we discovered our shared interests in issues pertaining to mental health reform, racial injustice, and sustainability. 

If we were both to be elected, Lena and I would focus on accessibility in all forms. This would include hosting forums for students to address their problems and concerns to faculty, creating a better communication pipeline between students and administration. As council members, Lena and I would also focus on reforming student clinic procedures so that students can have better access to health services. 

Vote Le and B, the future and the key!

Emily Grant

Hello! My name is Emily Grant and I am running to represent the class of 2023 on the College Council. Originally from Canada, I have a unique perspective regarding both international student issues and general student concerns. My public service experience includes acting as co-chairperson of the Calgary Mayor’s Youth Council, campaigning for human rights with Amnesty International, and collaborating with Children First Canada. If elected, I would like to address the prevalence of imposter syndrome by supporting the creation of media that advances the messages of self worth and belonging that we all deserve to hear. Having recently lost a friend to suicide, I would also like to expand the university’s online mental health training to include content that specifically targets the attitudes that can lead to suicidal thoughts in the first place. Helping first years feel like they belong; a vote for Emily can’t be wrong! 

 Tyler Okeke

Hi! My name is Tyler Okeke and I am running to represent the Class of 2023 on College Council with a focus on accountability, equity, and tenacious activism. These past few weeks, I have fallen in love with our class and university community. It is for that reason that I am wholly committed to the systematic improvement of the undergraduate experience here at UChicago. 

 If elected, I will champion:

  • Fair Wages for Undergraduate & Graduate Student Workers

  • Integration of Student & Community Voices in the University’s Development & Expansion

  • A transparent, accountable UCPD that practices restorative justice and community-based violence prevention.

  • A student-led #RethinkSafety media campaign

  • Cultural & Gender Sexuality RSOs having Direct Liaisons to SG

 I am confident that our class can usher foundational, progressive change. Let’s do this! Follow me on Facebook to keep up with the campaign and our goals. 

Summer Long

Hi! I’m Summer, and I’m from a small town in Southern Illinois. Having served as Captain of my Speech, Debate, Robotics team, and Treasurer of Student Government, I’ll push internal reform in three facets. Firstly, vital support systems for students of diverse backgrounds are lacking. There is a startling absence of cultural centers. When spaces exist, they are understaffed—for example, the LGBT office has only one full-time employee. I’ll advocate for establishing cultural centers and increasing funds for existing areas. Secondly, the UCPD is not held to the same standards as public police forces. I’ll advocate for increased transparency in UCPD funds to understand and address past problems it has exhibited. Lastly, UChicago is notorious for mass expansion—consequently gentrifying and displacing longtime Hyde Park residents. It refuses to take explicit accountability. I’ll take a twofold approach; encouraging students to organize, and applying pressure directly within College Council. 

Daniel Gendy

Hi! I’m Dan Gendy and I am running for Class of 2023 College Council Representative! I am undecided in major. Being in the college council would allow me to actively contribute to the college events and build a tighter UChicago community. As a representative, it would be my priority to take into account the opinions of my peers. With hard work, integrity, and responsibility, I believe I have the leadership qualities necessary as a rep. Problem-solving is also a strength of mine which will help the council work efficiently. I was on Campus Crew and am also involved with the school in sports clubs such as fencing and Road Runners. I have been involved in my high school council as president and this has provided me with the experience of effectively fundraising and coordinate events that are inclusive of all. I look foreword to addressing student concerns and acting as

Jared Hernandez

Hey, y’all! My name is Jared Hernandez and I am from Austin, Texas. I am majoring in Law, Letters and Society and/or Linguistics. I hope to represent the Class of 2023 on the College Council (CC) this year. My experience includes a wide array of leadership positions, such as President of National Spanish Honor Society and Ceremony Coordinator of National Honor Society. While these positions have taught me the leadership qualities necessary for a CC Representative, I believe that my time as Treasurer in my high school International Club best suits the CC, because I learned how to allocate funds.

On the CC, I will work toward increasing accessibility to financial resources, with a focus on the available scholarships at UChicago, funding an inclusive environment and alleviating campus-wide issues for identity groups, and promoting school spirit. Vote Jared Hernandez for your Class of 2023 Representative!

Yara Oliveira

Hi there! You. Yes, you. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Yara Oliveira and I want to be your class of 2023 representative. I’m a political science and business economics double major, hoping to become a small business lawyer. I don't know how to juggle and have a puppy named Amora. 

Okay, now let's talk platform. As representative, I will follow a plan based on collaboration with kindness. I need your help getting ideas off the ground and into practice. 


Accessibility to information: connecting you to underutilized resources through personal outreach. 

Environmental sustainability: implementing solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs to decreasing energy consumption and reach carbon neutral in the long term. 

Inclusivity within students: creating community-wide events to combat imposter syndrome and decrease stress culture.

Let’s work for change.

Jerry Cao 

Hi! I’m Jerry Cao. I’m running to represent the class of 2023 on College Council as I believe our school deserves a stronger sense of community. To achieve so, the student body should be not only provided with opportunities to articulate their expectations but also guaranteed that their voice will be heard and responded. I firmly believe, compared to the majority, the minority matters equally to the establishment of a positive school atmosphere. Back at high school, I built an Online Autistic Children Art Auction Platform through which I aroused public awareness of children with autism and helped them escape misunderstanding and indifference. Such an experience makes me adept at amplifying the voice of the minority. At the end of the day, I’m looking forward to becoming a SG member where I can pass my energy onto my friends and classmates and bring on positive changes to the school community. 

Lena Diasti

I’m Lena Diasti and I hope to serve you all as our, Class of 2023, First Year Representative with my running mate, Bianca Simons!

Bianca and I believe that connection with people who respect our experiences, affirm our concerns, and bring genuine joy allows for us to fully live our truth. Bianca and I intend to focus on mental health reform, racial injustice, and sustainability. 

We want to highlight a culture of engagement with our neighboring communities. To enhance respectful and accessible engagement with the university and the South Side, we plan on enhancing the shuttle system and the routes currently in place. 

As your representatives, we will uplift the value of community within the culture of the university. In light of that, our ideas are solely motivated by you all and the realities of your life that define your concerns.

Vote Le and B, the future and the key!

Yu Hui (Yvonne)

I am YU HUI (Yvonne), a first-year majoring in Economics with Specialization in Data Science and minoring in visual arts. I’m running to be a Class of 2023 representative to allow more of peers’ voices to be heard. In the past, SG has already done a great job addressing issues of concern (mental health, UCPD, environmental sustainability). However, students are only aware of SG’s effort to resolve these issues, but not exactly how they are dealt, how efficient SG has been with its initiatives, and who to report to when they face reoccurring issues. Therefore, to increase transparency, I believe that SG should establish a platform where students can openly discuss their thoughts and complaints so people experiencing similar struggles can find groups to talk to while the SG would negotiate with school administrators to publicly respond to them and keep students updated on the status of SG’s initiatives.

Madeleine Moore

Hello, everyone! My name is Madeleine Moore and I am from Ojai, California. I am beyond excited to be running for College Council and, if elected, have the honor of representing you all! I come from a town of 8,000 people, so community is a crucial part of my life. My goal as a class representative would be to address your concerns as members of this community. In our first few days here, I and others spoke about our frustration about the waste management system. We only have trash cans and lack recycling and compost bins. As members of a privileged community, it is our duty to be more aware of the waste we produce. If elected, I would work to create a tri-bin waste system partnered with minimal or zero-waste events. Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I can't wait to get to know you!

Joshua kim

I’m running because I want to represent the class of 2023. We all come from different backgrounds and we all have different experiences that have shaped our identity. I hope to represent all of the diverse ideas and beliefs. I want to make this campus a place where everyone feels like they belong and where everyone can all thrive, improving ourselves and our community. I want these next four years to be a place that everyone feels comfortable in, finding like-minded people and are willing to have their thoughts challenged in academic debate. I hope that we can make this a place where we can all make our own mark, leaving a legacy that will last for years to come. I believe that I have the necessary abilities from my high school forensics team and Youth and Government program to support my platform and carry through with my goal.

Baith Abdullah

My name is Baith Abdullah. I’m from Wichita, Kansas, and I plan to major in neuroscience while on a pre- med track. Student government holds a place in my heart as both a minority and mental health rights activist. My mission for the University of Chicago involves promoting connections between UCPD and its students. I have the desire to make minority and mentally ill students feel safe and in touch with UCPD rather than threatened or afraid. I plan to do improve conditions by hosting sessions for students to meet some of UCPDs officers and other officials associated with UCPD. I hope to see a day where UCPD and minority students hold relations.


First-year students interested in running for College Council can access candidate petitions here. Please note that petitions are due on Friday, October 4th in Reynolds 016, followed by a mandatory candidates meeting that evening. See the petition for further information, and contact with any questions.

Candidates packet

Spring 2019 election results

View the election results in full here, in addition to relevant Maroon coverage here and here.

Hearing notices

E&R held two hearings on May 7, 2019. Click here for minutes.

Candidate Statements

The Reform Slate

 As the Reform Slate, Kyle Shishkin, Anya Wang, and David Liang are running with a mission to transform the UChicago Student Government into a formidable force of student advocacy and a responsive change agent both within and beyond our campus community.

The Reform team combines past student government experience — working with the Board of Trustees, the Administration, and above all, the students we represent — with and a deep-seated commitment to fundamental reform at our University. 

We take a firmly progressive stance on UCPD transparency and graduate student unionization, propose common-sense initiatives towards promoting student mental health and improving campus greek life climate, as well as advocate for fair RSO funding and greater student government fiscal responsibility.

We briefly outline just three of our policy proposals in the following. Get to know our entire platform at

  • To address the all-pervasive issue of student mental health, we propose the establishment of a standing Committee on Campus Mental Health (CCMH) with $20,000 in annual funds. The Committee would bring together leaders of mental-health-focused RSOs to study the state of student mental health through surveys, and to provide programmings and services throughout the year, especially in times of high stress.

  • We aim to revisit the UCPD’s approach to its communication with both the student body and the Hyde Park community to ensure safety alerts are sent out in a way consistent with present danger. We believe the policing experiences of the students and the Hyde Park community need to be heard, and, in concert with the UCPD and university administration, we will hold public hearings to heed those grievances. Additionally, we aim to directly engage with Provost Diermeier on establishing an administrative procedure to access the General Orders of UCPD and its annual budget.

  • We stand by the student body’s right to transparency, to know first, what exactly their student representatives are doing, and second, how their student life fees are spent. We are committed to enacting the FAIR Act, and to ensure all RSOs receive a fair share of SG’s $2.3 million budget. Importantly, we propose an amendment to the SG Constitution, mandating that any legislation involving executive salary will not take effect unless approved by a student referendum.

We invite you to join us in the movement for change. Reform is here.

Rohail Premjee: Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees


  •  Provide more frank discussions on campus issues: facilitate new informal interactions between students and trustees in addition to ongoing programming like Student Perspective Series

  • Ensure that more graduate students have a seat at the table: increase representation of students from across campus during meetings with Trustees on key graduate student issues

  • Fix an unresolved issue: work alongside campus leaders at all Graduate Schools/Divisions to make sure there is financial equity between student activities budgets at each school

Why I’m Running: I care about our community. As a Graduate Council Representative, I have seen that it’s hard for students at UChicago to communicate with senior university officials on suggesting improvements for graduate student life. Furthermore, students at some schools have disproportionate access to getting their frustrations heard. I want to correct that. With the current referendum, this upcoming year will be an important time to serve you. I believe that I have the institutional memory and prior experience working across campus to make tangible strides on my platform.  

About Me: I’m a joint degree student at Harris and Booth. On campus, I am the Harris School’s Graduate Council Liaison and previously served on the Graduate Council’s Funding Committees. Prior to attending UChicago, I conducted strategic planning for two different universities. I want to contribute my experiences to support graduate students in ensuring that all our voices are heard.

Rohail Premjee MPP/MBA’21 has been endorsed by the outgoing Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees and Co-Chairs of the Graduate Council. 

Natalie Wang: Community and Government Liaison; Class of 2022 Representative

 Hi, I’m Natalie Wang and I’m a member of the Class of 2022. I’m a Political Science major currently doing research on political responsibility and housing insecurity. I’m a member of Students for Criminal Justice Reform and have prior experience in student government and administrative work that will allow me to accomplish my goals as your next Community and Government Liaison or Class of 2022 Class Council Representative. I will work to encourage community engagement, promote local businesses and artists, and listen to the voices of the community, which includes the student body. Additionally, I want to highlight important issues in Hyde Park by attending local town halls and raising awareness of salient issues. I strongly believe that arts and community events are a fantastic way to bring people together and that students should have more opportunities for fun events. By establishing a social media presence for this purpose as well as for general Student Government business, I hope to help unify the student body and establish a sense of community. Transparency is important, but we also need to take the next step and promote better communication between Student Government and the student body. I encourage everyone to check out the Trust Coalition website at http://www.UCTrust.Us/ and my platform at for more information. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please reach out and let us know what you think!

Rachel Abrams: Community and Government Liaison

My name is Rachel Abrams and I am a 3rdyear Public Policy major in the college and I am excited to be running for Community and Government Liaison for the upcoming academic year.  Outside of classes I am involved with Hillel and Jewish life on campus, Greek life, and am involved with Student Government, both as a class of 2020 College Council representative and a member of SAAP.  Through getting involved with Student Government I have realized what a powerful and important body for change it is and I am excited to keep building on the work I have done this past year and continue to represent the student body.  As Community and Government Liaison I hope to focus on developing stronger ties between faith communities on and off campus, advocating for a more accessible Hyde Park, and using the resources afforded to us as students at the University of Chicago to serve members of the surrounding communities.  I would love to have the opportunity to represent my fellow students and work to strengthen ties between the campus and surrounding communities in the coming year, through this position and as a member of the Student Government cabinet.  

Ridgley Knapp: Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees
Hey folks – my name is Ridgley Knapp, and I am running to be your next Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees.

In my three years here, I've sought as many varied experiences as I could. I've served as a Class of 2020 representative in the College Council and as leader of the College Democrats RSO. I'm a member of the (state champion) club varsity rowing team. I'm in one of the largest majors (Public Policy) and one of the smallest minors (Religious Studies). I've lived on-campus (go Flint House!) and off-campus; I've argued with Student Health and tried my luck with Career Advising. If you want someone who can translate the UChicago experience to the Trustees, I'm your guy.

If elected, I won't mince words, and I won't sway from a challenge. I've been told no by quite a few administrators in my time on College Council, and it hasn't stopped me – so I'll do my best to work both inside and outside of the system, reaching out to Trustees directly as well as through traditional methods. I've dealt with plenty of politicians over the last three years, and the Trustees are no different. You shouldn't need to apply with a resume and GPA in order to meet with a Trustee – their decisions affect all of us, not just a select few. 

I like to focus on small, precise goals, so here they are: (1) a PUBLIC meeting with willing trustees, and (2) continued support of GSU. Onward.

Dinesh Das Gupta: Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

 Hi!  I'm Dinesh, and I'd be honored to serve you as your Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees.  I'm a first-year pursuing a BA in Public Policy with an MA in International Relations. My platform centers on campus sustainability, improving SHS and SCS, and improving treatment of University workers, including graduate students.  Though building relationships with Trustees and collectively demanding actionable change, I will pressure the administration to act. All new buildings and major renovations should be LEED certified and poor resource efficiency figures should be published and addressed. Administrators should immediately address the 6-week wait list at the SHS/SCS and increase transparency. Trustees should also be aware of the poor treatment of workers and graduate students at UChicago. 

 On campus, I’m involved with Voices in Your Head, SASA, UC Political Union, UC Dems, and the IOP.  Over my gap year, I worked at TERI, India’s premier sustainable development think tank, and the Institute of International Finance.  These experiences helped me understand the financial incentives behind the incoming “Green Economy.” Working on a DC Council campaign and the Idaho Governor's race taught me how to advocate for sustainability issues and better health services.  At my high school in Washington, DC, I represented my school in MUN, varsity swimming and tennis, chess, and the performing arts. I also held major leadership positions, building personal relationships with my school’s senior administrators and board members.

To learn more about the Trust Coalition or reach out, please visit http://www.UCTrust.Us/!

CJ Jones: Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Hey!  How you doing?  My name is CJ Jones and I am campaigning to be UChicago’s next Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees!

 Without a doubt, the biggest obligation of the Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees is to connect undergraduate students to the Board of Trustees (its kinda in the name). In past years we have had some amazing people fill the position. They have worked tirelessly to bring individual students into contact with members of the Board. Unfortunately, their efforts so far have failed to engage large segments of the student population. Most students can’t even identify how many members sit on the Board, much less hold an informed discussion on how they manage UChicago’s endowment or decide policy.

 If elected, I can advocate for issues as aggressively as I want (and rest assured I will) but real change comes when you, the student body, become involved and that only happens if you are informed. To that end, I want to increase everybody’s access to the Board. RSOs across campus already hold forums to discuss important issues, inviting Board members to participate in those talks is an easy way to provide better access. Having certain Board members speak during O-week represents another great way to inform students as soon as they enter our community. Finally, news about the Board can be found on the Internet, but social media should be leveraged so that information can be found passively and not require students to actively work in order to find it.

Yes, I am young (even for a first year) but I am incredibly motivated to make my school the best school it can be. I have experience in student government from high school and I participated in competitive debate during both high school and college. I have worked on multiple political campaigns back home in Denver, CO and have yet to lose. All my experience means that both the Trustees and the College Council will hear your voice. I am incredibly excited and you will not be disappointed if you elect me.


Aazer Siddiqui: Class of 2022 Representative

Hi! My name is Aazer Siddiqui, I'm a first-year majoring in linguistics and philosophy, and I'm running to represent the class of 2022 on College Council with a coalition of like-minded people. I've been on the front lines of environmental work — I volunteered on conservation projects with Americorps out West, and I've been involved in community-based sustainable design projects around my hometown, Boston. If I’m elected, I’d like to set up an SG-run campus thrift store to reduce clothing waste, audit the current recycling system to make sure it’s working as intended, and find ways undergrads can better work with GSU. We as students need to take a stand, and fight for what we deserve — a greener campus, better health services, and solidarity with grad students. You can check out our coalition’s website at I'm optimistic that we can work towards a brighter future together!

Harry Gardner: Class of 2022 Representative

Harry Gardner is running to be a Class of 2022 College Council Representative. Harry is a biology and neuroscience major from the Seattle area. As a first year, Harry serves as Wellness Czar of Hitchcock House and is actively involved in UC Dems. Although his passions have shifted from politics to STEM in recent years, Harry is dedicated to helping alleviate the issues in student government by supporting increased funding for identity groups and mental health groups, holding more hearings into UCPD’s practices, and changing the stance of Student Government in favor of GSU. But most of all, Harry wants to make sure that your concerns about the administration, student government and campus issues are heard by those who are elected to represent you. If you have any questions about Harry’s stance on a certain policy, feel free to message him over Facebook messenger or email him at 

SPRING 2019 Elections

Candidates Packet (Note: See below for information about the Mandatory Candidates Meeting, during which this packet will be discussed at length.)

College Council Petitions

Slate Petitions

Community & Government Liaison Petition

Liaison to the Board of Trustees Petition

*Note to candidates: Paragraph for publication on the SG website is due on Monday, 3/22 by 3pm via email to the Chair. See candidates packet for more information.

Important Timeline Information:

  • Thursday, April 11th: Petitions become available here.

  • Wednesday, April 17th: Petitions are due 9AM-5PM in Reynolds 016 to an E&R representative. Neither early nor late petitions will be accepted. Letters of intent for Humanities candidates are due by email to

  • Thursday, April 18th: Mandatory Candidates Meeting, 6-7PM, Cox Lounge. If you cannot make this meeting, please contact Taylor Fox ( to schedule an alternate time.

  • Monday, April 22. Candidate paragraphs are due for submission by 3pm.

  • Wednesday, May 1. Candidates table in Reynolds Club.

  • Monday, May 6th - Wednesday, May 8th: Voting period.

Autumn 2018 Elections

College Council Class of 2022

  • Zebeeb Nuguse: 258

  • David Liang: 203

  • Anya Wang: 191

  • Alex Pu: 160

  • Laureen Akram: 158

  • Max Pizer-Lippitz: 151

  • John Kunzo III: 126

  • Warren Niles: 101

  • Write-In Candidate 1: 99

  • Thomas Weil: 80

  • Justin Smith: 62

  • Nick Ding: 62

  • Jiale Li: 56

  • Write In Candidate 2: 33

  • Alan Zhao: 31

  • Write In Candidate 3: 19

  • Abstain: 16

  • Write In Candidate 4: 10

College Council Petition

Autumn 2018 Candidates Packet

Reminder to attend the Mandatory Candidates Meeting on Tuesday, 10/9, at 5:15PM in Cox Lounge. Copies of the Candidates Packet will be provided.

Please contact the Elections & Rules Committee Chairwoman, Taylor Fox, at with any questions.

E&R thank our Chairman-Emeritus, Max Freedman for his service.

Spring 2018 Referendum Results (ELRA Repeal) 

Total turnout: 1710; Undergraduate: 1247; Graduate: 463

Vote breakdown: Yes: 1138 (66.54%); No: 531 (31.05%); Abstain: 42 (2.46%)

Spring 2018 Referendum:

Voting in the referendum on the ELRA will occur via Blueprint from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, June 8th.


Total Turnout: 1764

Executive Slate: 

  • Unite: 842

  • Moose: 408

  • Abstain: 459

  • Write-in: 56

Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

  • Chris Stamper: 176

  • Abstain: 57

  • Write-in: 13

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

  • Kyle Shishkin: 419

  • Brittney Dorton: 358

  • Pule Nkopane: 291

  • Abstain: 323

  • Write-in: 128

Community and Government Liaison:

  • Marlin Figgins: 992

  • Abstain: 656

  • Write-in: 114

College Council Class of 2019:

  • Ayling Dominguez: 186

  • Brett Barbin: 141

  • Bruce Li: 42 (write-in)

  • Daphne Xu: 17 (write-in)

  • Michael Sitver: 16 (write-in)

  • Andrew Longwell: 14 (write-in)

  • Matthew Sparks: 12 (write-in)

  • Rahmel Robinson: 10 (write-in)

  • Diego Ruiz: 9 (write-in)

  • Other candidates received fewer than 5 votes each.

College Council Class of 2020:

  • Jahne Brown: 240

  • Rachel Abrams: 185

  • Matthew Robinson: 179

  • Eugene Miravete: 49 (write-in)

  • Ridgley Knapp: 45 (write-in)

  • Jaida Nabayan: 14 (write-in)

  • Other candidates received fewer than 10 votes each.

College Council Class of 2021:

  • Tony Ma: 278

  • Myles Hudson: 250

  • Raven Rainey: 247

  • Alex Levi: 245

  • Brian Johnson: 147

  • Matthew Pinna: 106

Graduate Council - Humanities:

  • Josephine "Jo" Brill: 16

  • Erol Koymen.


Check back regularly for notice about forthcoming E&R meetings. 


Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Election By-Laws, Code, and Candidates Packet:

The Election By-Laws, and Election Code provide guidelines for candidates and the Election and Rules Committee. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the Candidates Packet, which contains the House Rules as well as the Code and By-Laws, and helpful information. In choosing to run, candidates agree to follow the rules and interpretations enumerated in the Candidates Packet. Note the information in the Candidates Packet has been updated by E&R. Please review the linked documents as they have changed from last year. 

Timeline of the Spring 2018 Elections:

  • Thursday, March 29th: Forthcoming petition availability announced via university-wide email.

  • Thursday, April 5th: Petitions available at at 9:00 am CDT.

  • Wednesday, April 11th: Petitions due 9:00 – 5:00 pm CDT in Reynolds 016. Neither early nor late petitions will be accepted except for digitally submitted Graduate Council petitions.

  • Friday, April 13th: Mandatory Candidates Meeting from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm CDT in the South Lounge of Reynolds Club. The South Lounge is on the second floor across from Hallowed Grounds. Candidates unable to make this meeting must make alternate arrangements with the Chair prior to petition submission.

  • Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 20th: Candidates table in Reynolds.

  • Monday, April 23rd: Slates and Liaison candidates debate in Graduate Council.

  • Wednesday, April 25th: Slates and Liaison candidates debate in front of a university wide audience at 6:30 PM CDT in Kent 107.

  • Friday, April 27th: Candidate solicitation period on the Quad in front of Swift Hall. The solicitation period opens at 12:30 pm.

  • Monday, April 30th: Voting opens at 10:00 am CDT on Blueprint. Ballot links will be emailed to the Student Association.

  • Wednesday, May 2nd: Voting closes at 4:30 pm CDT on Blueprint.

  • Wednesday, May 2nd: E&R will convene at 4:30 pm in Reynolds 016 in order to tabulate votes. A cake cutting and press conference will follow.

The following positions will be filled in the 2018 Spring General Elections:

[ Open All | Close All ]

Executive Slate:
The Executive Slate is made up of the President, the Vice President for Administration, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. They are elected together each year in the spring, and are collectively responsible for the administration of Student Government. They represent graduate and undergraduate concerns to the University administration, oversee organizational projects and initiatives, and are responsible for the management of the SG budget.

Liaisons to the Board of Trustees:
The Undergraduate and Graduate Liaisons to the Board of Trustees represent their respective constituency to the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for keeping students informed about the actions of the Board of Trustees.

Community and Government Liaison:
The Community and Government Liaison represents the Student Association to members of the community, and work to get students more involved in Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and the South Side in general. The Liaison serves as an ex-officio member on the Community Service Fund, and serves as SG's representative to the University Community Service Center.

College Council and Graduate Council Representatives:
The College Council and Graduate Council Representatives represent their respective class year or school or division to the above bodies and voice concerns on behalf of their constituents.

At this time, Graduate Council Representatives are elected by their divisions in separate elections processes from the Spring General Elections. At this time, BoothBSDDivinityGrahamHarris, IMEPritzkerPSDSSA, and SSD have chosen to operate their own elections for Graduate Council Representatives through their divisional student governments, their dean's councils, or their area dean of students. Students in those divisions will receive notification by their local election authority at least two weeks prior to when their Graduate Council Elections will occur. E&R; will conduct the Law School's elections in the Autumn Quarter.

Additionally, E&R will conduct Graduate Council Elections for Representatives from the Humanities Division in the Spring and Autumn pursuant to the standard rules with modifications as noted in the Humanities Election Code. A fact sheet about Humanities' special election protocol can be found here.

More information about these positions can be found in the Governing Documents

Past Elections and Referenda:

Results and hearings from past elections can be found here


Referenda Petitions