Student Government

The University of Chicago

Get involved in Student Government

For the 2015-2016 school year, we've completely restructured the process of getting involved in SG to make it clearer and easier than ever before. Other than serving in an elected position, there are two main ways to get involved in SG: serving in an appointed Cabinet position, or sitting on a committee. 

Keep reading to learn how to join the team!

Apply to serve in the SG Cabinet

The Cabinet consists of positions appointed by the Executive Slate that assist in the oversight and operation of all Student Government activities. Cabinet positions are significant leadership roles that allow you to have an important and substantive role in improving student life. Open positions include:

All students, graduate and undergraduate, are eligible to serve in the Cabinet. Strong preference will be given to non-first-year students. Applications are due on Friday, September 25th by 11:59PM. 

Apply to serve on a committee

One of the ways that Student Government voices student needs across campus is through various committees. There are several standing committees that exist every year and are run by Student Government that oversee the RSO funding process, RSO applications, and annual elections. This year, we are also establishing several issue-based committees on the topics of academics, student services and campus sustainability that will focus specifically on those areas. Finally, SG places students, both SG and non-SG, on several external committees formed by administrators and different branches of the University. The following committees are accepting applications for seats:

ALL students are encouraged to apply for committee seats -- we are seeking a diverse range of student opinions and perspectives.  Applications are due on Friday, September 25th by 11:59PM. 

Apply to serve on the Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee consists of President, Vice Presidents, Council Chairs and Liaison positions. While these seats are generally filled by election during the spring quarter, we are seeking applications to fill a vacancy on the committee.

The Community and Government Liaison represents the student body to members of the community, and works to get students more involved in Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and the South Side in general. 

All students, graduate and undergraduate, are eligible to serve as the Community and Government Liaison. While there is no hard deadline to submit your statement of interest in the position, it will be filled by a selection of the SG Assembly early in the fall quarter.