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Graduate Council Committees

One of the best ways to get involved is by joining a GC committee. Please see below for additional information about how to join one of these committees!

Graduate Council representatives are given the opportunity to sit on a variety of external committees dealing with many aspects of student life on campus. More information about these external committees as well as our own Grad Council committees can be found at our new website and home:


The Graduate Council Finance Committee: The Finance Committee's primary responsibilities include evaluating event funding requests, as well as confirming recommendations from the Student Government Finance Committee and the Community Service Fund. Meeting separately from GC's regular meetings, this small committee is designed to evaluate budgets quickly, and effectively. This committee is looking for graduate student members to evaluate applications and market our funding committees more effectively. For more information or to apply for funding, visit our website or contact Elyse Watkins, Senior Vice President in charge of Finance, an email today!


The Graduate Council Travel Fund: The mission of the Grad Council Travel Fund is to support the academic and professional goals of the graduate student community. This committee accomplishes this goal by distributing over $120,000 in awards to students looking to network or present their research in conferences around the globe. The Travel Fund is looking for members from the graduate community to help in evaluating applications, recommending awardees, and marketing the fund to other graduate students. For more information or to apply for funding, visit our website or contact Nick Williams, the Vice President in charge of the Travel Fund!


The Graduate Council Social Committee: The Social Committee is responsible for planning and executing small- and large-scale social events for graduate students. Working closely with UChicagoGRAD, this committee breaks down divisional barriers by gathering students from all graduate programs together for fun events. This year's events will include our quarterly pub socials, back-to-back Party in the Sky nights at Willis Tower, and the Gargoyle Gala. Interested in joining and helping make these events a success? For more information visit our website or contact Lisa Fan or Kayla Mendel, Co-Vice Presidents for the Social Committee.


The Graduate Issues Committee: The primary role of this committee is to gather information about the graduate community's key concerns, regarding a variety of areas of campus and student life. The University of Chicago has an incredibly diverse, heterogenous population of grad students, and it is vital to GC's operations that we understand our constituency as much as possible. To learn more about the Graduate Issues Committee visit our website or contact Miriam Gonzalez Arano, Vice President of Graduate Student Issues for more information


Student Perspective Series: The Student Perspective Series is a new initiative from Campus and Student Life to encourage conversation between students and the University Board of Trustees. SPS works closely with the Graduate Issues Committee to hear the concerns of graduate students and present them to the administration. To learn more about the Graduate Issues Committee visit our website or contact Megan Beck, Graduate Liasion to the Board of Trustees for more information


Marketing and Advertisement: Graduate Council is focused on reaching out to as many graduate students as possible over the coming year. To that end, we have created a new position and committee to oversee that our committees and initiatives form a cohesive message. To help us in advertising all of our great committees visit our website, or contact Neha Nigam, our Executive Vice President

For questions or concerns regarding the above committees, including how to participate, please contact our Co-Presidents:

Jake Nebergall or Carlos Grandet-Cabellero