Independent Review Committee for the UCPD

Purpose: The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) is a professional police force, deputized by the Superintendent of Police of the City of Chicago, with regular police powers while on duty in the areas of Hyde Park, Kenwood, North Kenwood and Woodlawn. Over the years, the University police have performed a valuable service and demonstrated a commitment to the University community and the broader surrounding neighborhoods. From time to time however, complaints have been made about individual incidents or policies. To ensure the campus and community’s confidence in the University Police Department is maintained, the Independent Review Committee (IRC) reviews all complaints brought against University police relating directly or indirectly to issues of excessive force, violation of rights, or abusive language. The Committee evaluates actions of UCPD and, when necessary, makes recommendations regarding UCPD’s policies and procedures. The Committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Provost and the Vice President for Civic Engagement. A Committee report of all incidents including any recommended changes to policies and procedures is produced annually for the President and is distributed widely throughout the campus and community.


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