Student Government

The University of Chicago

2017-2018 Budget Announcement

Yeju Hwang

Today, in our capacity as members of the Student Government Executive Committee, we are announcing our recommendation for the SG budget for the 2017-2018 academic year.


As members of SG’s Executive Committee, we are responsible for the oversight and management of the SG budget. In all, SG allocates more than $2 million in support of student life and student organizations. The SG budget supports RSOs, academic teams, arts groups, and initiatives like the Graduate Council Travel Fund and the Student Leadership Recognition and Access Program.


Over the past year, we have been thoroughly reviewing our spending to ensure that students are receiving the most support possible and that we leave behind a sustainable operating budget for the future. Last year, a budget was passed that included a significant amount of one-time funds that were not available to us this year. Still, we have worked hard to come up with a proposal that would not reduce funding for any student organizations and that would even expand resources for many student groups and initiatives. We have also been discussing how to make SG funding more available to all students, including our graduate student population, which makes up two-thirds of the student body.


With these considerations in mind, we are proposing a budget that will meet the need for sustainability while providing more resources for all students and student organizations. Under this proposal, academic teams, RSOs, and arts groups funded through the Program Coordinating Council like the Major Activities Board and Fire Escape Films would see their funding increased for the 2017-2018 year. In addition, support for graduate students would be increased, through the expansion of the Graduate Council’s budget as well as reforms to the Student Government Finance Committee to allow applications from more graduate student organizations.


These recommendations will be made possible through an overall increase in SG’s annual allocation, by giving money that is currently going to administrative offices back to students, and by eliminating redundant costs. Cuts will not be made to the funding sources for any student organizations.


The 2017-2018 budget will be formally voted on by members of the College and Graduate Councils during the SG Assembly meeting on April 24. As always, feel free to contact us and your representatives if you have thoughts you’d like to share.


Eric Holmberg, President

Salma Elkhaoudi, Vice President for Administration

Cody Jones, Vice President for Student Affairs

Peggy Xu, Chair of the College Council

Jake Nebergall, Co-chair of the Graduate Council

Carlos Grandet-Caballero, Co-chair of the Graduate Council

Megan Beck, Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Kenzo Esquivel, Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Cosmo Albrecht, Community and Government Liaison


Student Perspectives Series Meeting Update

Yeju Hwang

On November 3rd, the inaugural Student Perspectives Series meeting took place with the Board of Trustees. 

Some topics covered in the meeting include but are not limited to divestment and freedom of expression, two pertinent issues on this campus. In order to keep the rest of the student body updated on these affairs, this is to inform you that the summary of the meeting is available for you to read.

Attached here is the summary of the meeting.

If at any time you want to reach out to Student Government or the Board of Trustees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Response to College Convocation Changes

Eric Holmberg

We were surprised and disappointed by this morning’s announcement of changes being made to the College Convocation. We were especially concerned that students were entirely in the dark leading up to the announcement. This afternoon, we confirmed that no students were included in any part of the extensive planning process leading up to this decision. Student input was not considered before, during, or after the development of changes to the College Convocation. This is yet another instance of students being kept out of the rooms where decisions are being made about our experiences at this institution. As Student Government representatives, we intend to continue lobbying the administration until students are part of the decision-making processes that affect our lives.

What can you do to make a difference today? Please help us represent and amplify your concerns by sending us your thoughts about the College Convocation changes and how they were developed. You can submit a message using this form. We will bring your messages to Dean Ellison and Dean Boyer.


Eric Holmberg, President

Peggy Xu, College Council Chair

Early Voting for the Election

Yeju Hwang

With Election Day right around the corner, you're probably eager to vote in this year's Presidential Election. (Or not, but it's important to exercise your right to vote, so do it!)

Lucky for you, the UChicago Democracy Initiative (UCDI) will be running early voting buses from The Reg to The MLK Center at 43rd and Cottage Grove. You can also register to vote at this location if you are not registered yet. 

Here are the dates and times you can do this:

Friday Nov. 4th from 3-6:30pm

Saturday Nov. 5th from 12-4pm

Sunday Nov. 6th from 10am-2pm

To sign-up, click the link here:


Don't forget to vote!

#UChiUPass: Are you doing it right?

Yeju Hwang

This school year, UChicago SG was proud to introduce to its student body U-Pass. As many may know, U-Pass is offered by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) that allows full-time university students like yourself unlimited rides on the trains and buses for a flat quarterly fee.

As half of this quarter has already passed, have you used #UChiPass?

For those who haven't, there are so many diverse neighborhoods to visit, cafes to study in, and stores to shop at.

Here are a list of some of by favorites:

  1. Eva's Cafe - 1447 N Sedgwick St, Chicago, IL
 Pictured here is a caprese sandwich and the iced mango tea

Pictured here is a caprese sandwich and the iced mango tea

Just take the 55 to the Green Line to Clark/Lake, get on the Brown Line to Sedgwick and walk down the street to this cozy cafe that serves amazing tea and sandwiches. Eva's offers spacious study places with lots of seating so that you'll be able to sit for hours doing reading or just enjoying their food.


       2. Toni Patisserie & Cafe - 65 E Washington St

A ride from the 6 to Michigan & Madison will take you right to Toni Patisserie & Cafe where you can try out different kinds of French pastries, chocolates, and sandwiches. The ambiance of Toni's is the epitome of the refreshing leave from Hyde Park. Make sure you come here at least once for the pistachio macarons.

3.  Del Seoul - 2568 N Clark St

Located in Lincoln Park, Del Seoul is a great place to try out fusion Korean food, something Hyde Park really lacks. I always go with a trusty order of Kimchi fries, but the kalbi tacos are worth a try and the bibimbap is relatively authentic. If Korean refreshments are also your thing, Del Seoul has tons of Milkis and other drinks. The fastest way to get here is taking the Red Line to Clark/Division, getting on the 22 Clark bus to Clark & Deming. Del Seoul will be about a minute away by walking!

4. Kate Spade New York - 900 North Michigan Ave L1-10

Take the Red Line from Garfield to Chicago and walk a little north to 900 North Michigan Ave, a great, fun place to shop in downtown Chicago. Kate Spade offers students a 10-15% discount if you show your student ID, so if you're looking to treat yourself, this isn't a shabby place to go!

These are just four of many, many more places to go with #UChiUPass. Where do you go with your U-Pass?