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College Council First Year Representative Candidate Statements

College CouncilTyler Kissinger

Below you will find statements from candidates for Class of 2018 Representatives, in the order in which they were received. Not all candidates submitted statements. 


Elliot Choi

Prepare for trouble! Make it double! To protect Chicago from devastation! To unite students through education! To announce the arrival of help and hugs! To expand our minds to the stars above! Elliot! Choi! Class Rep., he knows what’s right! Vote now, or prepare to fight!

Elliot Choi hails from the distant land of Irvine, California and has traveled to Chicago in hopes of a great future. He brings along with him 4 years of high school government experience as well as experience working in local and state government. He envisions a future at Chicago where the voices of the students are the main outlet through which student government operates. His progressive platform includes transparency, equal opportunities for all, diverse activities for the student body, and sustainability and resources for the future. 


Navya Jaikumar

Hey!  My name is Navya Jaikumar and it would be an honor to serve the Class of 2018 as a student representative.  Some of my qualifications include: President of my school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter, FBLA State Membership Director, President of our NHS chapter, Captain of Varsity tennis team for two years, good listener, and food enthusiast.  But what does this mean for you?  It means that while I do have extensive experience in leadership positions, I also know that being part of a team means putting “I” away to make room for terms like “we” and “us”.  I’m running with my suitemate Zoe Makoul – who really is McCool - and we will gladly listen to any concerns and will do all in our power to make things better with the help of the rest of the College Council.  Vote for the Dream Team: Zoe and Navya!


Vivek Sarma

I was born in Oak Lawn, a town 10 miles southwest of Chicago. When I was a year old, my family moved to Burr Ridge, a suburb 25 miles west of the city. While living at home, I enjoyed swimming, biking, playing with my two adorable dogs (Ginger Belle and Jackie), playing Smash Bros with friends, and cooking. I’ve always loved the music of the ‘oldies’ and my favorite movie is American Beauty. In college, I plan to major in Economics, and possibly minor in Statistics or Computer Science. A few of the organizations I’m interested in joining are the South Asian Students Association, Eckhart Consulting and the University’s Student Government. I also have a strong desire to take part in community service projects in Chicago’s South Side. My friends and family have considered me to be a caring, funny, and outgoing person.


Calvin Cottrell

Hello Class of 2018! My name is Calvin Cottrell and I am running along with Richard Oyeniran for class representative council. Our goal is to bring "Smart Solutions to REAL Problems." The cost of this university is so much that policies like limiting where Maroon Dollars are spent and charging so much for printing are unacceptable. These are but a few of the REAL problems on campus. In order for people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds (plus the idea we are all supposed to be broke college students) to fully participate in campus life these and other policies need to change. If you want to live on a campus sensitive to EVERYONE'S needs then vote Calvin Cottrell for Class Representative!


Aly Khan Bhamani

Hello Class of 2018! My name is Aly Khan and I would like to be your College Council Representative! While we attend a great institution I believe that together we can perfect our University. I’ll work hard to tackle the issues most important to you so you don’t have to by ensuring your voices are heard in our student government. The issues I plan on addressing include our Sexual Misconduct Policy, ensuring that it is applied to all people equally, without regards to gender, race, or sexuality. I would also pressure the University to create an UCPD Oversight Committe, consisting of students, faculty, and community members to tackle recently arisen racial profiling issues Furthermore we must improve our transportation, dining, and sustainability. This includes but is not limited to obtaining free Ventra passes that other University’s already have, and radically improve Maroon Dollar utility.
Remember: Aly Khan. Aly Will.


Asya Akca

Class of 2018! Practicality and sustainability are both of utmost importance when it comes to the changes that need to be made within the College. As a candidate, I support subsidizing transportation in order to help ease the commute for students traveling in and out of Hyde Park. With this continued theme of pragmatism, I will push for a centralized “Lost&Found” location on campus which would result in much less chaos throughout the searching process for misplaced items. While Maroon Dollars are wonderful, students are having to juggle several different card accounts: coffee, laundry, and printing should not require three different modes of payment. Lastly, our College Housing needs to take a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach in terms of recycling and energy conservation within the dorms. I, Asya Akca, promise to tackle these issues with great optimism and continued enthusiasm! UChoose ME for UChicago SG.


Richard Oyeniran

Howdy Class of 2018! My name is Richard Oyeniran and I’m running with Calvin Cottrell to be your class representatives! We want Real Solutions to Real Problems. Have you ever felt that despite the overwhelming cost of the University, there are always more expenses that UC charges us? We’re striving to get you what you’re tuition is supposed to pay for. That means free laundry, no house dues, offering meals on Saturday night, a set number of free or greatly cost reduced printer pages, and having your maroon dollars be used at a wider set of places throughout campus. This isn’t asking for too much or being overly ambitious. It’s ensuring that this is a campus that every one of all socio-economic backgrounds has the ability to fully engage in campus life. Vote Richard Oyeniran if this is the type of campus you want to be a part of. 


Adam Biesman

I am Adam Biesman and I hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Though many southerners live for only sports and barbecue, I actually have a burning desire to be an integral member of the Class of 2018. I would be honored to represent y'all in the College Council for the 2014-2015 academic year. As such, I believe that the main objective of a class representative should be to prioritize the dreams that you have for our class. I would like to strive to have weekly meetings with those interested in voicing their opinions on top of always being accessible by e-mail and Facebook. Additionally, my experiences in Nashville politics and policy debate have given me the tools to become an effective policy-maker capable of creating substantial change. I know that, given the opportunity, I will effectively convey your ideas to my colleagues on the council! I appreciate your support! 


Zoe Makoul

My name is Zoe Makoul, and I would like to represent the Class of 2018 in the College Council! I have held leadership positions before: I was Communications Campaign Manager for local politician Ken MacKenzie, president of two music groups, editor of Echoes, St. Francis Hospital’s teaching-oriented magazine, captain and MVP of my high school’s varsity dance team, and a leader of Shared Ability, a community service organization benefitting children with disabilities. But I’m not running for Student Representative to add to this list. I genuinely like our class, and I think it would be interesting to get to know everyone on a more personal level. I want to hear what you have to say, and I want to make sure your voice is heard. What matters most isn’t what I think should change, but how well I can tell the council what you think. Vote for Navya and me!


Preethi Raju

VOTE PREETHI RAJU FOR CLASS OF 2018 STUDENT REP! If elected, I will represent the needs of the students, interviewing and asking for feedback from our class. Through this method, I’ve decided to currently advocate for better transportation, safety, and dining food; CTA passes and more campus spirit; better communication between students and the school officials; and, by popular vote, taxing the rich and dismantling the patriarchy :) . A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE FOR YOU! VOTE FOR A REP WHO LISTENS AND GETS THINGS DONE! 


Kaesha Freyaldenhoven

SALUTATIONS FELLOW PHOENICES! I’m Kaesha Freyaldenhoven, a native Californian and resident of Jannotta, South Campus East. My passions include drinking virgin pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and dedicating myself towards assisting others. I wish to serve YOU as a representative in College Council! I genuinely care and feel proud to be a part of this intellectually vibrant community. I won’t make empty promises however I can assure you that I will dedicate my energy to making this year great! I advocate
1. TRANSPARENCY: Students will know of ALL occurrences within Student Government. 
4. UNIFIED STUDENT BODY SUPPORTING SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVORS: I would like to increase the number of effective programs designed to address and respond to sexual assaults. 
5. WORLD PEACE: Gracie Hart of Miss Congeniality knows what’s up.