Student Government

The University of Chicago

Executive Slate Statement on Campus Climate

Executive Slate, Executive CommitteeTyler Kissinger

Recent acts of hate and intolerance have once again created a divide within our campus community, inspiring both intense anger and deep disheartenment for many members of our student body.  These events should not be perceived as isolated events, but instead as merely the most recent manifestations of a troublesome historical trend of animosity toward marginalized populations on campus.  After conversations with students, faculty, and alumni, we recognize the corrosive effects of these acts on our campus climate.  

In our view, this is simply unacceptable.  We believe that it is clear that there is a great need to reconsider the ways in which we address matters of diversity and inclusivity on campus.  We cannot meet these acts with stagnant passivity or malignant complacency; they must instead be met with vigorous action until the seeds of discrimination are eradicated from the university.

As the executive slate of your Student Government, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing equity and inclusivity on campus.  To realize these goals, we urge the immediate implementation of a campus climate survey to better assess the sentiments and opinions of the student body on their experiences.  But, in order for this to be realized, we must all work together.

To the University faculty and administration, we challenge you to partner with students to structurally transform this institution to increase acceptance, inclusivity, and equity.  To those communities directly affected by these recent incidents, we extend our empathy, our solidarity, our unwavering support, and our apologies that these events will be part of your experience here.  To the broader campus, we challenge you to be constructive forces in shaping positive experiences for students who are feeling a great deal of hurt in this moment.

It is our hope that through our collective resolve that we will be able to truly transform and reorient the direction of our university; for it is only through the resolution of these issues that we will be able to transcend the oppressive forces currently plaguing our community to create a campus environment that is welcoming to all.  If you would like to join us in this work, please fill out this form

Tyler Kissinger, President
Arlin Hill, Vice President for Administration
Aseal Tineh, Vice President for Student Affairs