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Kenzo Esquivel on Hyde Park Business Discount Program Expansion

Executive CommitteeTyler Kissinger

At the current time, the Student Government restaurant program is working on expanding its options in cooperation with the Office of Civic Engagement's new UChicago Local Campaign. Together, we are hoping to create additional incentives to get students to take part in the local economy as well as to venture a little further off campus. We are hoping to expand the program to restaurants outside of Hyde Park borders to get students to not only visit those spaces, but also to begin looking to catering options that are again, not located in Hyde Park. I see it as a first stepping stone to getting students to think about visiting locally owned businesses and to learn about the communities they are in. I think that food is an easy way to get people to start venturing to new places and because the dining halls are closed on saturday, it would be great to start getting some student traffic to less well-known restaurants in the hyde park and neighboring communities. Additionally, it is in hopes of alleviating the cost for those who may struggle to have to find their own food on those Saturday nights that the dining halls close. 

For more information about our current discount program, visit our business discount page!