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Statement on UCPD public disclosure announcement

Executive Committee, Executive SlateTyler Kissinger

"At UChicago, the Campaign for Equitable Policing and leaders in Student Government worked with community members and the UCPD to help move the discussion forward." - University of Chicago to share additional information on police activities, UChicago News Office, April 13 2015

Today, the UCPD announced that it will begin releasing logs of traffic stops and police contact cards. This is a huge and incredibly exciting win for supporters of police transparency and accountability, and comes as the result of work by students, community members, and elected officials. Even so, there's still work to be done. Students should have direct appointment powers to the Independent Review Committee, and HB 3932 still remains the best way to establish public disclosure regulations as a legal requirement and not a matter of institutional policy. We're excited to have been a part of this process and are encouraged by this positive step forward.

Tyler Kissinger, President