Student Government

The University of Chicago

College to Participate in U-Pass Program

Tyler Kissinger

After several months of collaboration with the Office of the Dean of the College, Campus and Student Life, the Office of College Aid, and the Transportation Office, today we're excited to announce that the College will begin participating in the U-Pass program in Fall 2016. 

Until last week, we had been on track to begin participation in the U-Pass program in Fall 2015. However, at the last minute there was difficultly in securing the funds to cover the substantial increase in financial aid required. While we—along with Dean Boyer and Dean Ellison and many others—are disappointed by this delay, we have a firm commitment for Fall 2016 and are extremely grateful for all the work the Office of the Dean of the College put into making U-Pass a reality.

By implementing U-Pass, the College is making an unparalleled commitment to increasing the ability of its students to engage with Chicago. U-Pass will make it easier for students to take advantage of all that Chicago has to offer, from from dining and neighborhood exploration to internships and even just transportation around Hyde Park. Due the generous contribution the University will make to U-Pass through financial aid, it will help make these opportunities available for all students, regardless of socioeconomic status.

We'd like to thank the nearly 3000 College students who participated in the U-Pass referendum. We'd also like to thank the great number of University administrators for their support in this process, including: Dean Rasmussen, Dean Boyer, Dean Ellison, Charles Todd, Beth Tindel, Amanda Fijal, Tina Baskin, and all other University staff who worked with us to make this a reality.


Tyler Kissinger, President

Kenzo Esquivel, Community and Government Liaison