Student Government

The University of Chicago

Response to College Convocation Changes

Eric Holmberg

We were surprised and disappointed by this morning’s announcement of changes being made to the College Convocation. We were especially concerned that students were entirely in the dark leading up to the announcement. This afternoon, we confirmed that no students were included in any part of the extensive planning process leading up to this decision. Student input was not considered before, during, or after the development of changes to the College Convocation. This is yet another instance of students being kept out of the rooms where decisions are being made about our experiences at this institution. As Student Government representatives, we intend to continue lobbying the administration until students are part of the decision-making processes that affect our lives.

What can you do to make a difference today? Please help us represent and amplify your concerns by sending us your thoughts about the College Convocation changes and how they were developed. You can submit a message using this form. We will bring your messages to Dean Ellison and Dean Boyer.


Eric Holmberg, President

Peggy Xu, College Council Chair