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2016-2017 Budget Announcement

Executive CommitteeAdministrator

Today, in our capacity as members of the Student Government Executive Committee, we are announcing our recommendation for the SG budget for the 2016-2017 academic year.

As members of SG’s Executive Committee, we are responsible for the oversight and management of the SG budget. In all, SG allocates more than $2 million in support of student life and student organizations. The SG budget supports RSOs, academic teams, arts groups, and initiatives like the Graduate Council Travel Fund and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Over the past year, we’ve been involved in extensive conversations about our budget and the degree to which it meets the needs of the students we represent. Two-thirds of the students represented by SG are graduate students, and while we’ve seen Graduate Council’s budget grow substantially over the past two years there still exist big opportunities to do more for graduate students through our budget. At the same time, needs for RSOs and other student organizations have continued to grow and require additional resources to be met.

With this in mind, we are putting forward a budget recommendation that will balance these needs and provide more resources for all students and student organizations. Under this proposal, arts groups funded through the Program Coordinating Council like the Major Activities Board and Doc Films, academic teams, and RSOs would see their funding increased for the 2016-2017 year. In addition, support for graduate students would be increased, through the expansion of the Graduate Council’s budget by nearly 120% as well as continued efforts to improve the accessibility of all SG funding sources to graduate students.

These recommendations will be made possible through an overall increase in SG’s annual budget, careful use of reserve funds and by further reducing (already small) administrative costs. Cuts will not be made to the funding sources for any student organizations.

This is just the framework for our budget proposal -- and we want the process of shaping SG’s 2016-2017 budget to be as participatory and open as possible. The budget will be formally voted on by members of the College and Graduate Councils during SG’s Assembly meeting on May 2. Over the next couple of weeks, we will release more information about the budget allocation process. We’ve created a page on the SG website to share regular updates regarding the budgeting process. As always, feel free to contact us if you have thoughts you’d like to share.



Tyler Kissinger, President
Alex Jung, Vice President for Administration
Kenzo Esquivel, Vice President for Student Affairs

Eric Holmberg, Chair of the College Council

Casey Anthony, Co-chair of the Graduate Council
Elliott Balch, Co-chair of the Graduate Council

Katie Perri, Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees
Shae Omonijo, Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Carlos Ortiz, Community and Government Liaison


Airport Shuttle program to be reinstated for Spring 2016


After discussion with the College Council and members of the student body, Executive Slate plans to reinstate the end-of-quarter airport shuttle program to O'Hare Airport for Spring 2016. 

While still noting the cost of the program, we recognize the important role it plays in reducing transportation costs for students, particularly those traveling to O'Hare Airport. We will continue to work with members of the College Council to ensure smooth administration of the program. The future of the program, given the College's future participation in the U-Pass program, will be subject to the approval of the College and Graduate Councils as a part of SG's budgeting process for the 2016-2017 academic year. More information about this process will be available shortly, and we will welcome input from members of the student body.


Tyler Kissinger, President
Alex Jung, Vice President for Administration
Kenzo Esquivel, Vice President for Student Affairs

Statement on recent campus events


At its February 8th meeting, the Student Government Assembly (made up of the College and Graduate Councils) voted to sign on to an open letter distributed by the Muslim Students Association, the Organization of Black Students, and Students for Justice in Palestine. Below is a statement from the Executive Slate of Student Government.


February 9, 2016

Yesterday, the Student Government (SG) Assembly voted to sign on to an open letter distributed by the Muslim Students Association, the Organization of Black Students, and Students for Justice in Palestine. While it was not a unanimous decision, the reservations expressed by representatives in the room more specifically concerned the wording of the demands, rather than its overall intent or content.

After previous events of racism and Islamophobia on campus, the University's most substantive response was the announcement of a "campus climate survey" on diversity and inclusion on campus. The survey was proposed in December 2014 but has yet to have begun, and since its announcement it has been pushed back at least twice. Students want the University to act on these issues beyond just announcing a survey, and -- particularly amidst its $4.5 billion capital campaign -- they want the University to invest more in resources that will create the kind of community UChicago students, faculty, and staff deserve; namely, one without discrimination. This requires, among other actions, clarification of the University’s policy in regard to Greek organizations as well as an appropriate response to other relevant student demands including the institution of a living wage for all University employees (student and non-student). 

The University of Chicago Student Government stands in solidarity with the Students for Justice in Palestine, the Organization of Black Students, the Muslim Students Association, and with all affected students beyond the document's authorship. It is our stance that the University has a responsibility to clarify its relationship to its Greek life organizations on and around campus, and to establish and enforce guidelines that will hold groups accountable for the racist, misogynistic, and Islamophobic actions exhibited by its members.

Tyler Kissinger, President
Alex Jung, Vice President for Administration
Kenzo Esquivel, Vice President for Student Affairs

Openings on committees + hiring SG secretary

Tyler Kissinger

We are currently working to fill seats on a number of SG committees that are launching this quarter. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to participate.

  • The Annual Allocations Committee allocates approximately $400,000 in funding for RSOs in the spring. More information and applications may be found here
  • The Election and Rules Committee oversees Spring elections and the enforcement of SG's governing documents. Applications may be found here

In addition, we are seeking to hire 1-2 students to serve as secretaries for SG. Secretaries assist with the operation of SG and fulfill duties that include taking minutes at meetings, handling logistics for SG events and meetings (including room reservations and food orders), the filing of financial documents, and a wide array of other tasks. To apply to serve as SG secretary, click here

Spring 2015 Election Results


Check out the full results from our Spring 2015 elections for Executive Slate, Community and Government Liaison, Graduate and Undergraduate Liaisons to the Board of Trustees, and College Council representatives.