CSE Position Letters

The Committee on Student Emplyment (CSE) has resolved to issue position letters to advise the SG Executive Slate on matters relevant to student employment, also to promote wider discussion both within the SG and the wider campus community. Each letter is approved by the committee and subject to review/ratification as part of the CSE's end-of-year report. These public letters are designed to be short statements on well-known current affairs, many of which do not require long introductions. The letters do provide a number of concrete suggestion, but they also have a role in linking the work of the committee to broader questions. As such they are not limited to internal affairs only, but they also respond to questions that situate the University of Chicago in the broader labor community in Chicago and the United States of America. We hope that you will find these interesting pieces for debate, and that interested students will reach out to the CSE with comments and suggestions on existing positions or to propose new ones. 

PL 001Executive Order: “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States” Banning Immigration/Entrance to USA from seven Muslim countries and the temporary suspension of receiving Refugees from Syria — February 6, 2017

PL 002“Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” Sec. 4 (a) Constructing a Physical Wall Along Border shared by the United States of America and Mexico — February 6, 2017

PL 003President Zimmer, Provost Diermeier, Sian Beilock and Michele Rasmussen’s emails to the campus community dated 29-Jan-2017 and 30-Jan-2017 — February 6, 2017

PL 004Graduate Student Unionization and Respect towards the Labor Community — February 6, 2017

PL 00520/h/w Work Limit — February 6, 2017

PL 006“Auxiliary” Labor should be Paid Labor — February 6, 2017