Student Government

The University of Chicago

Readership Programs

New York Times Readership Program

You may have seen the 400 copies of the printed version of the New York Times on campus at Reynolds Club, the Regenstein, and the dining halls; but this year we have partnered with the New York Times to have free passes to the online version of the New York Times as well!

Head over to the Academic Passes of the New York Times site, register with your University E-mail address ( or, and you will given a 24 hour pass to surf the New York Times website. While this pass will expire after 24 hours, you can renew your access at anytime for an additional 24 hours as often as you would like!

There is a cap of 400 passes in any 24 hour time period. If you are not one of the first 400 to log in on a particular day, make sure to check back later!

Both the printed copies around campus and the digital copies are part of a readership program sponsored by Student Government and paid for by the Student Activities Fee.


Hyde Park Herald Readership Program

Each week, 125 copies of the Hyde Park Herald are made available to students across campus, free of charge. The Herald is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the community that the University is situated in, and has a great catalog of events going on in the community students can attend. Keep an eye out for it on Wednesdays in campus cafes, dining halls, and the Reg!