Student Government

The University of Chicago

Resolution on the role of the Liaisons to the Board of Trustees

Kenzo Esquivel

This Assembly of Student Government, on this 11th day of April of the year 2016, does hereby state its support for the continued ability of the Liaisons to the Board of Trustees to attend meetings of the Board of Trustees subcommittee on campus and student life, or its equivalent.


Introduced by: Tyler Kissinger

Passed unanimously by the Assembly on April 11, 2016

Resolution Reaffirming the Relationship of Standing Committees with SG

Tyler Kissinger

On May 28, 2015, the Assembly voted to approve a resolution proposed by President Tyler Kissinger and College Council Representatives Katherine Shen (2017) and Kay Li (2015) that reaffirms the relationship between SG and its standing committees, including the Coalition of Academic Teams, Community Service Fund, Programming Coordinating Council, Sports Club Fund, and Uncommon Fund. The resolution passed by a vote of 16-4-0.