Resolution 2013.3, Establishment of the Sexual Assault Awareness Fund

Resolution 2013.3 -- Establishment of the Sexual Assault Awareness Fund

Assembly of the University of Chicago Student Government, 8 May 2014

Sponsor: Sofia Flores (VP for Administration)


WHEREAS the prevalence of Sexual Assault on college campuses across the nation

Understanding that an Annual reflection and evaluation of what we are doing as a campus to address this issue

WHEREAS the formation of coalitions and collaborations amongst different parts of campus to relieve this problem

WHEREAS the difficulty to obtain university funding without RSO status

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED Student Government will start the Sexual Assault Awareness fund

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED 25% will be allocated to the Student Emergency Response Systems and Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention Advisory Council Meeting to support programming for a Sexual Assault Awareness Week including but not limited to food, advertising, speakers, and other fees related to the events

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED at least one person from student government will stand on the SERS-RSVP Advisory Council, contribute to week planning, organize student government wide marketing, promotion and volunteers

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED 75% will be allocated to support student initiatives and projects for the upcoming year.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED The Vice President of Student Affairs will be the point person for convening a committee to distribute this allocation

-The committee should consist of at least 1 faculty, 1 administrator and 2 student government members, one being a member a finance committee

- The committee should solicit applications and budgets for student projects and initiatives to address the problem of sexual assault on campus

- The committee will decide what groups to distribute funding

- a suggested parameter is funding at least 3 initiatives for the year