Sports Club Fund


The Sports Club Annual Finance Committee recommends Student Activity Fee Funds to Sport Clubs for activities sponsored by one or more Sport Club. Financial support by the Finance Committee is based on consideration of the athletic, artistic, social, intellectual, educational, cultural and/or informational contribution made directly or indirectly to the University community by the activity. A Sport Club Quarterly Finance Committee is selected at the start of Fall Quarter. The representation of the committee is comprised of approximately ten students – all of whom are members of individual Sport Clubs. The Quarterly Finance Committee considers quarterly funding requests every Monday evening through the 9th week of each quarter. Requests should be submitted by noon on Fridays to the Sport Club Office (Ratner Rm 141). The Sport Club Quarterly allocation funds both Sport Club special events and general operating expenses; unlike the Annual Allocation Committee, the Finance Committee distributes funds to groups on a short-term, event-by-event basis.

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