Student Perspectives Series Summaries

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Among the key responsibilities of the Liaisons to the Board of Trustees is organizing quarterly Student-Trustee meetings called Student Perspectives Series with the help of the University’s Office of Campus and Student Life. These quarterly meetings provide critical insight into and help inform the long-term direction of the University of Chicago. Below you can find records of these meetings, drafted by the incumbent Liaisons and the Dean of Students in the University:

  1. Fall 2018 SPS Meeting Summary

  2. Spring 2018 SPS Meeting Summary

  3. Winter 2018 SPS Meeting Summary

  4. Fall 2017 SPS Meeting Summary

  5. Spring 2017 SPS Meeting Summary

  6. Winter 2017 SPS Meeting Summary

  7. Fall 2016 SPS Meeting Summary

If you want to learn more about the Student Perspectives Series or have any questions, get in touch with the incumbent Liaisons to the Board of Trustees: You can reach the Undergraduate Liaison Kyle Shishkin at and the Graduate Liaison Chris Stamper at