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The Student Employment KnowledgeBase brings together resources that are spread out around campus and on many relevant websites in order to provide easier access to job listings and to information about student employment. You can write to us with questions or book an appointment during our office hours to get personalized support.

**You can file a complaint/grievance for any labor-related issue that you would like us to consider; while there is a limit to the advice we are able to give, this helps the CSE focus its investigations, and we will always try to give what support and information we can.**

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What counts as Student Employment?

For the CSE this is not a simple question--for now, we are working under the definition that student employment includes all employment granted to UChicago students directly through a part of the university, or indirectly through an affiliated body. Therefore this includes certain kinds of summer internships as well as week-to-week work in a campus coffee shop, or the Regenstein. It also includes seasonal or quarter-by-quarter work as an RA or as a Lab Assistant. If you are unsure about whether or not you count as a student employee in your current work capacity then feel free to ask us for advice anyway.

Where can I find a job?

The University provides some centralized access to job listing, but it is badly updated and maintained. If you scroll down this page you will find a regularly updated and expanded set of links to job postings.

What's Work Study?

Work Study is a Federal program that helps students cover the cost of tuition by providing work opportunities for students in need, offering funding to various companies and universities that they create jobs for WorkStudy students. You can learn more from these links provided by the administration:

The CSE will be publishing a preliminary report on FWS at the University of Chicago in the coming months, investigating the quality and ethos of FWS on campus.

N.B. We already have substantial reports that many jobs that are listed as WorkStudy and as non-WorkStudy in reality are only offering places to students on WorkStudy. Be careful when you apply for jobs and be sure to ask questions before going through a long application process--the CSE will be urging the administration to look into this problem in the next weeks.

What's Metcalf?

Metcalf Internships are offered exclusively to UChicago students through affiliated partners of the university. Find out more here:
The CSE will be publishing a preliminary report on Metcalf Internships in the coming months, investigating the quality and ethos of the Metcalf program.

Can international students work on campus?

Yes! Find out more through the Office of International Affairs: 
We will be updating our page with more info on this soon.

Can I get a raise?

Depending on your contract/job you are entitled to asking for a raise after a set number of hours. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but we can help you find out what the terms of your agreement are, and you should be able to ask your employer to clarify this for you in writing.


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