Student Government

The University of Chicago

Student Perspectives Series

The Student Perspectives Series (SPS) is a new initiative between Student Government, Campus and Student Life, and the Board of Trustees, that provides students the opportunity to engage with a small group of University Trustees on topics of interest to students and the Board.  The SPS provides students with an opportunity to share with Trustees their perspectives on a number of issues of importance, allowing for engaging dialogue on those issues. There will be three SPS sessions throughout the year. The Fall Quarter session will be open exclusively to undergraduates, the Winter Quarter session exclusively to graduate students, and the Spring Quarter session will have mixed attendance.

Because the Fall and Winter Quarter sessions will be attended by exclusively undergraduates and graduates respectively, the Undergraduate Liaison, Kenzo Esquivel, and Graduate Liaison, Megan Beck, will be responsible for organizing the invitation of students to their respective sessions. If you have questions regarding either process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Undergraduate Session Topic Solicitation

The Fall Quarter SPS is to be held on November 3rd, from 8-9am. If you or a group of students believe there is an issue that is relevant both to the undergraduate student body, as well as the Board, please fill out THIS form to forward your proposal. One to two proposals will be chosen for the Autumn Quarter SPS meeting. 


  •  10/3 (11:59pm): Deadline for students to submit application·        
  •  10/11: Students will hear back
  • 10/12 - 10/19: Selected students will meet with Liaison and prepare materials for the SPS meeting
  • 10/20: Background materials will be sent to Trustees
  • 11/3: SPS meeting