Student Unions Abroad

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Student unions abroad often provide graduate and undergraduate students with many of the opportunities that are provided here by the SG, and they work more closely with bodies that oversee student publications and activities like RSOs.

A student union represents the student body of the university and has a high influence on decisions taken that may affect the students, and can often even have its departmental representatives help students interface with faculty and staff on important matters, especially in critical situations.

The idea is that the union provides services for students by students--and some student unions abroad are often well-funded and professional bodies that also plays apart in local politics and even national politics, depending on the country, the purpose, assembly, method, and implementation of the group might vary.

It is not universally a rule that student unions only exist to aid students in their capacities as laborers, although that is the most usual set-up within the US.

Here are some examples of Student Union websites from the UK, Ireland and Australia:
Trinity College Dublin
University College London
University of Sydney