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The sustainability czar program began in 2017…

When the Committee on Campus Sustainability (CCS) approached the Office of Sustainability, Housing & Residence Life, and the Phoenix Sustainability Initiative about launching the Sustainability Czar Pilot Program in residence halls. We established student liaisons in 14 College Houses and provided environment-focused updates to up to 800 undergraduate students.


The sustainability czar program grew in 2018…

To include a total of 21 College Houses, reaching over 1500 residents. The CCS also began to publish a weekly Sustainability News Bulletin to streamline communications with the Sustainability Czars and include one or two featured events, graphics, or articles to share at each House meeting.

Sustainability Czars delivered a recycling presentation to over 100 undergraduate students, and met with members of the University’s Capital Projects team about eco-friendly features of the Woodlawn Residential Commons building.