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The Uncommon Fund is a pool of money allocated by University of Chicago Student Government aimed at supporting creative and innovative student projects and initiatives on campus. These projects and initiatives range from one-day events to large-scale endeavors. The goal of the Uncommon Fund is to encourage students to take action on campus in creative and “uncommon” ways. The fund is also unique in that it does not require RSO status for individuals or groups to apply.

The committee is comprised of nine students: a non-voting Chair, one Student Government College Council member, one Student Government Graduate Council member, and six students selected from Student Government and the previous year's committee. The committee is advised by the Student Involvement Adviser from the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI) and the Student Government Vice President for Administration.

The Uncommon Fund’s funding ultimately traces back to the student life fee, as part of the student life fee is contributed to Student Government, which then allocates a portion to the Uncommon Fund.

Application Information

Please read through the General FAQ for the Uncommon Fund proposals and guidelines. 

  1. We will host two Office Hours sessions. If you would like to discuss your proposal or review our guidelines with us, visit us in person 4th and 5th week, dates TBA.

  2. Fill out the online proposal. The link will be posted when application opens.

  3. Next Steps:

    1. Once your application has been confirmed as received, we will provide you with a budget sheet and logistics for. Here, you will list details to your funding proposal and the proposed timeline to complete your project. Then, email it back to us for review.

    2. We will inform you if your project has passed the initial CLI first round of screening.

    3. We will ask you to submit a one-minute Youtube or Vimeo video proposal to our email, explaining your uncommon project idea and the value your project brings to campus and the community. For examples of previous video campaigns, please visit our Youtube Channel.

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