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Uncommon Fund


The Uncommon Fund is a pool of money allocated by Student Government aimed at supporting creative and interesting student projects and initiatives on campus. These projects and initiatives range from one day events to large scale initiatives or projects. The goal of the Uncommon Fund is to encourage students to take action on campus in creative and unique ways. The fund is also unique in that it does not require RSO status for individuals or groups to apply. Additionally, one Uncommon Fund board member and ORCSA staff member are assigned to each project to help ensure its success. To apply to the Uncommon Fund during the 2015-2016 school year, click here. The deadline for applications is February 5th at 11:59pm!

The committee is comprised of nine total students: one Student Government College Council member, one Student Government Graduate Council member, six other students, and a non-voting Chair selected from the previous year’s committee. The committee is advised by the Student Activities Adviser from ORCSA and the SG Vice President for Administration.

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